Below is the original email exchange between Jerry Yang and I when he was a student at Stanford, from December 21, 1994. Yahoo! was still a hobby for him and David Filo as they worked toward their degrees. Back then Yahoo! lived at My company was not quite a year old and I was submitting my new web site to Yahoo! At the time Yahoo! did not have a category for “Web Promotion” because the web promotion industry didn’t exist yet. It’s hard to imagine that now. I had to look through my ancient retired IBM 286s in the basement to find the below email.

From: (Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang)
Subject: Re: new category request
Date: 21 Dec 1994 11:19:12 GMT
Organization: Computer Systems Laboratory, Stanford University
In-reply-to:’s message of Tue, 20 Dec 1994 09:13:04 GMT
hi eric  – i will create a category for web promotion and place you in it.
jerry yang
Can you help me create new category for Web promotion services? Yahoo does not have one.  The closest match is at
I haven’t found any other companies that do what I do, so  any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Eric Ward
NetPOST – Web Promotion Services