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Established in 1994, I create content marketing, promotion, publicty and linking strategies. I also offer consulting, training, backlink analysis and evaluation, linking blueprints, and outreach services. I publish a content strategies newsletter, and curate a web content promotion reading room with 300 of my columns, videos, and presentations published since 1994.

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"Big thanks to @ericward for helping us develop a winning outreach/SEO strategy. We bounced back from near-bankruptcy! http://t.co/Wkt7pXrIrG Vladimir Gendelman (@vgendelman) 
July, 2013 

Quotes from Matt Cutts of Google...
Eric follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are
given based on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time
Links still have many, many good years ahead of them
SMX West in March 2013.

Live Site Evaluation and Linking Strategy
Consulting Call with Eric Ward

$500.00 (75 Minutes)
Our call and screen-share is recorded live and sent to you afterwards

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Link building remains one of the most important elements of any content publicity strategy.  Links are important in many ways and for many purposes, but with the engines making dramatic changes and devaluing many linking strategies, you don't know what (or who) to believe, or where to spend your time and money.

Eric's linking strategy session is BY FAR the best money we've invested in our website -J. Tobin, AEFonline.org
Your linking strategies need diversity now more than ever, and you need to find other ways to drive people to your site. Let my many years of link building experience help you. It will save you in the long run. I've seen just about every linking related tactic there is, good, bad, and ugly, and though I don't put much emphasis on search rankings alone, I know some of you reading this do. So let's have a look. Google the phrase link building expert
Eric, I have benefited tremendously from our sessions, particularly in terms of long term linking strategies and the ideas you have given us -C. Mueller, SA-Venues.com
The fastest way to reach me is to pay for a live site evaluation and linking potentials phone call, as described below.  I triage my client work in this way because I'm a one person operation, and aside from link building, I write columns, do webinars, speaking engagements and link building training sessions. And I have three kids. 
Thank you for your honest advice and thoughtful recommendations.  I will not hesitate to recommend your Linking Strategy Session to others -L. Johnson, Zesco.com
The Call Includes: 
75 minutes by phone with live via screen sharing, one-on-one
I use my tools and do some backlink analysis while we talk
You ask questions, I ask some back, I give answers, advice, and strategies
I explain what I'd do if your site were mine, from a link building perspective, based on my experience helping hundreds of sites since 1994
The entire call and screen-share is recorded and sent to you afterwards

More about the Live Site Evaluation 

We will talk together for an hour and fifteen minutes. I'll use GoToMeeting so I can share my screen with you, record our voices and the screen. I'll do some proprietary backlink analysis in real-time as we talk. You ask questions, I ask questions, and during the course of the call I'll share with you a variety of linking strategies, based on my many years of experience. After this call, I send you the recording, so you don't have to take notes or worry about remembering the ideas, recommendations, URLs, and specific advice discussed.

After this call, and only at your request, I will determine via my linking analytics tools if I can have the kind of impact that would merit a full blown proposal for ongoing link building work. If I feel you are better off going in another direction, I will tell you so and explain why.  My ultimate goal is not to make $500, but to help you be successful long term.

Thanks for your time.

Eric Ward

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Industry Testimonials

Those who want the job done right by the best in the business flock to Eric Ward and count themselves lucky that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium
 -Jim Sterne, Inc. magazine

Eric - Thank for our call last week. Your analysis and thought process on link building exceeded my expectations, and it was by far the best money I have spent on the Internet in 11 years
-D.W., soccerticketsonline.com

Eric, your insight and guidance on how and why to obtain the specific target IBLs you do is extraordinary.  Thanks for getting me on the right track

Eric Ward offered incredibly effective advice and services that were instrumental in making our site the leader in our niche. He is the most effective link-builder on the planet. I'd recommend him strongly to anyone who has an important story to tell online

I cannot put a price on the information and advice Eric provides.  He made me realize that all the information that we need to perform a successful linking campaign that would generate great rankings.  It's all about looking in the right places and recognizing  how to spot high value links.  Thanks again Eric you have really opened my eyes.

Thanks for your honesty. Without the session I would have wasted months of time on linking strategies that  wouldn't  have worked

An extremely informative and helpful session 

I have many years of online marketing experience and wasn't sure if I would benefit from your strategy session. I did. The session was extremely helpful, the Link Audit was a real eye-opener and I recommend this session for anyone, beginner to expert


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