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My most requested service is a Live Site Evaluation and Linking Strategy Session.

The fee is $500.00, which includes me studying your site and backlinks in advance, and then having a live 75 minute strategy call with you to provide concrete, actionable strategies specific to your site and industry. I’ll screen share and record everything we discuss and send you the recording after our call. My goal is to provide actionable advice that will help your site and business succeed and give you far more than you expect to receive.

You can book a session via the above link.  And just to be clear, if you don’t find the call and my counsel to be helpful, tell me so and I’ll send the $500 back.

Links were never supposed to be a commodity, and I’ve never treated them that way. Links were -and remain- the online manifestation of a person’s desire to curate or share something useful, funny, thought-provoking, educational, controversial, or enlightening. Links aren’t “things”, they are the affirmations, opinions, proofs, examples.

In more real terms, links are the most important element of any online content publicity strategy.

Links are important in many ways and for many purposes, but with the engines making dramatic changes and devaluing many linking strategies, you don’t know what (or who) to believe, or where to spend your time and money.  I’ve helped over 1,000 web sites. I’m not going to fail you. If by chance you’ve heard me speak at a conference or read any of my columns, you know what I’ve been preaching since before Google existed: Your site needs genuine business driven heterogeneity. 

This is a fancy way of saying your linking strategies and traffic sources need variety, diversity, multiplicity.  Being reliant on any search engine for your success is a dangerous strategy. With linking related penalties a reality, now more than ever you need to create multiple pathways to drive people to your site. Let my many years of link building experience help you. It will save you in the long run.

I’ve seen just about every linking related tactic there is, good, bad, and ugly, and though I don’t put much emphasis on search rankings alone, I know some of you reading this do, so let’s have a quick look… Google the phrase link building expert.

How’s that?

Our Linking Strategy Call Will Include:

75 minutes by phone with live via screen sharing, one-on-one
I use my own tools and do some link analysis prior to our call
I explain what I’d do if your site were mine, based on 20 years of experience 
You can ask questions, discuss strategies, I’ll ask some back, give answers, advice, and counsel
The call and screen-share is recorded and sent to you afterwards

Again, links remains one of the most important elements of any content publicity strategy.  Make sure you get it right. Here’s a selection of clients who did…

“Eric, I have benefited tremendously from our sessions, particularly in terms of long term linking strategies and the ideas you have given us:
– C. Mueller,

“Eric – I thought you may like to know that the traffic to our blog rose by 50% since we implemented the changes you suggested
– Geoff B. 

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