Eric follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are given based on merit,and those are the links that stand the test of time. 

-Matt Cutts, Google

Linkmoses Private provides proven link-building techniques" 
-CIO Magazine
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Link Moses from Eric Ward
LinkMoses Private from Eric Ward
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Said Joost de Valk... A mere $8 a month? That, my friends, is hilariously little money.Good solid links, with great instructions on how to get them. I've subscribed to Eric's LinkMoses Private for less than 2 months and already, I've gotten several links out of the link building tips. Now you see why I think all of you should go and subscribe" [read Joost's blog post]
LinkMoses Private (LMP) is a private newsletter written by Eric Ward and sent via email at least twice each month. Each issue of LinkMoses Private contains high quality and natural Link Opportunity Alerts (LOAs), linking strategies, Q/A, client linking case studies, news and tactics. You can sign up via the form below, or read more and watch a brief 3 minute video intro to learn about LinkMoses Private.

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Current Issue Is #169

February 27, 2015
[LinkMoses Private] #169 - Stop Building Links? - Mobile Rankings Boost - Google Grok - 8 New LOAs

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Further Details and Introduction Video

Introduction to LinkMoses Private 
(3 minutes. Click above or watch it on YouTube)

Let's get this out of the way right up front:

I will never suggest an approach or linking opportunity that can cause harm to your site or cause you to violate a search engine's quality guidelines.

I've provided reliable and effective linking advice since November of 1994. Here are a few hundred examples. I've been creating linking strategies for clients and my own sites since before there were search engines. Take a look at this search for link building expert Eric Ward, you'll see thousands of results that provide a sense of how my approach is unique and successful. LinkMoses Private is not about tricking Google. LinkMoses Private is about linking techniques that help with both click traffic and organic rankings today and for the long term. The ultimate goal of LinkMoses Private is to help you improve and sculpt a more effective inbound link profile. This involves recognizing the wide variety of linking opportunities that are available to you, from social media to the deep web, if you know where to look and how to pursue them. 

Real Linking Experts Are Few and Far Between
The true experts in the field of link building, link marketing and linking strategies are few and far between. I've been helping sites reach their true linking potential since 1994, and have devoted thousands of hours over the years learning as much as possible about how content on the web gets discovered. There's far more to links than most people realize, and while Google is an important part of any linking strategy, you can devote too much time to Google and lose perspective.

"The less you rely on Google for traffic, the better your chances for long term success. Ironically, if you stop worrying so much about Google and worry about creating the best site possible, your Google rank will likely improve as a side effect"

Cost and Benefits
LinkMoses Private is $8/month. That may sound low, but remember, not every Link Opportunity Alert will be appropriate for every one of your sites.  Subscribers have already requested several hundred topics for Link Opportunity Alerts, ranging from archaeology to accounting to business to badminton to dancing to travel to health to livestock to yachts to yoga and even zebras. Yes, zebras.  This obviously means not every Link Opportunity Alert will be appropriate for every one of your sites. This is why I also send you advice and strategies, case studies, how to videos, linking news and tips, a curated reading list, and keep the price at $8. By doing so you will receive value far beyond the Link Opportunity Alerts, and learn linking strategies across a variety of verticals.

What do LinkMoses Private subscribers say? Below are a couple quotes, and youcan see tweets about LinkMoses Private along the right hand side of this page.

LinkMoses Private subscribers comments...

We have gained immensely from our subscription to Eric's LinkMoses Private, and for helping us refine our linking strategy with straightforward training and consulting.
-David Farkas, The Upper Ranks

By far this is one of the BEST link building newsletters I have ever seen.  Every issue contains tons of white hat link building resources, articles and actionable strategies.  I highly recommend the LinkMoses Private newsletter by Eric Ward to anyone that has any involvement in SEO or link building"
- Nick Stamoulis, brickmarketing.com

My clients have ranged from Goliath's like Disney and Amazon to mom and pops, and I've purposely stayed a one person operation. I've done the link building, strategy development, analytics, and outreach myself for my clients since 1994.  I don't outsource. LinkMoses Private is my way of sharing the best of what I've learned, and continue to learn.  LinkMoses Private will help you create a sustainable merit-based link profile. 

Keeping You Ahead of the Curve
In addition to sending you Link Opportunity Alerts, I will serve as a curator and filter for linking related industry news, sending you links to posts you need to be aware of.  I've read tens of thousands of SEO and link building articles and posts, and I still read and scan hundreds of posts every week. By curating the best of them for LinkMoses Private members, my goal is to direct you to things that may impact your site or your client's sites, saving you time. 

Key Points: 

  • I will never suggest an approach or opportunity that can cause harm to your site or cause you to violate a search engine's quality guidelines.
  • I don't send pointless link farms and generic directories or any other link opportunity that's of no ranking or traffic value.
  • I identify highest caliber linking opportunities across a variety of verticals.
  • The Link Opportunity Alerts (LOAs) I send include advice on how to maximize your chances at successfully obtaining the links.
  • I explain and illustrate how to maximize the power of social links from Google Plus Your World, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.
  • By design, not every Link Opportunity Alert will be appropriate for all of you. I can't have 250 people converging on the same site all at once requesting a link. That defeats the purpose and potential of the service.
  • In addition to sending you Link Opportunity Alerts, I will send you links to news you need to be aware of.  This will include private commentary and strategic advice related to industry news, i.e., G+, Panda, etc., including direct comments from my private contacts at the search engines.
  • I include video tutorials when they are needed to help clarify a linking opportunity.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, the posts are not made public.  They are for you subscribers only. There will be no archive. You can archive them in your inbox. Please do not forward or share them as that defeats the exclusivity of this service, and can cause a flood of submissions to the sites I've identified for you. I've seen it happen. The privacy of this service is a key component of its value to you. 
Details and How to Sign Up for LinkMoses Private

I'm using MailChimp to deliver LinkMoses Priavte via email. You can pay for your subscription visa either PayPal or Amazon Payments as described below. If you use PayPal you can pay via a monthly or annual option via the below buttons. Enter your email address and click your preferred option.

LinkMoses Private Subscription Options

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I also offer individuals the option to 
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The Amazon payment option is for individuals only. 
If you are an agency or SEO firm with multiple readers, 
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After you've signed up for LinkMoses Private via PayPal above, and I'll add your name manually to the member roster, and send you a welcome message.

Again, I'm keeping the price low because not every link opportunity will be applicable to every one of you, depending on the subject vertical you are in and your site's content.  Even so, the strategies and learning that you'll take from them will have value, as they will be based on my nearly two decades of experience building links and creating linking strategies. At $8 per month, there is no service on the web that is anything like LinkMoses Private.  I have thousands of contacts I've made over the years, and I only want a few hundred subscribers, at which point I'll close the service to new members. I'm not seeking to reach millions of people, just those who understand what I do and can take action on the Link Opportunity Alerts.

For those of you interested in the "LinkMoses" nickname given to me a few years ago by an industry friend, here's that backstory.  I turned that joke into thousands of links to my content

Attention Current Members

Whitelisting LinkMoses Private...You may want to check your spam folders for the posts I've sent. I've learned that some of my posts ended up in spam folders or flagged as spam.  The primary reason for this is the combination of the number of clickable links I include in my posts, the fact that some of them are short-cut URLs, and because the posts are quite long. Apparently this combination triggers spam detection filters, and can cause you to never see the posts.  I'm anti-spam and LinkMoses Private is about link building techniques that are not spam.  Oh, the irony...

Here's what you can do to fix this:

LinkMoses Private posts will be sent from (case sensitive)


Please create a filter or whitelist that will allow email from the above address. 

For Gmail users here are the steps:

Mail Settings > Filters > Create New Filter > From: linkmoses@ericward.com > Next Step > check "Never send it to Spam" and save.


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"Smartest $8 I ever spent. Not one email goes by that I don't learn something new"@Jesse1420

I am a huge LinkMosePrivate fan. Our company has signed up for it and the info is pure gold
Sam Broom
BestHeating.com [tweet]
@AzzamS - I oversee a site that brings $9m a year. Eric's $8 LinkMoses emails have highlighted issues that will save us millions longterm
@Jesse1420 @ericward Thanks for LinkMoses Private. Smartest $8 ever spent. Not one email goes by that I don't learn something new [via twitter]
@jordangodbey "I can't imagine doing #linkbuilding without LinkMoses Private - [also see blog post]
Eric - your knowledge of links and SEO is the best in the business - Steve G.
@bk_cox LinkMosesPrivate (LMP) = powerful stuff. If you're an SEO and not on this email list, you're missing out. Link building presents every few days from @ericward
@EmmonsCreative gave @ericward +K about #SEO on @klout for invaluable #linkbuilding guidance on Link Moses Private
@mikegracen- If you build links, check out @ericward LinkMoses service. Highly recommended [via twitter]
@distracteddevYour articles are like tiny christmas presents of useful information scattered throughout my inbox[via twitter]
+JamesZolman  - LinkMoses Private is amazing, the info is white-hat and priceless
@Elaineallkidsjust joined - great link tips, worth far more than $8/month.[via twitter] -- http://www.allkids.co.uk
@Zen2Seo @ericward's "Making an ecommerce site linkworthy": *really* valuable sharings... I'm very satisfied w/ Linkmoses private :)[via twitter
In an age where the quality of links can mean so much to the success of a site, this is very timely. 
-- delovesto.com
@joechura Thanks @ericward. Love LinkMoses Private!)[via twitter]
The last link opportunity suggestion was great and I went through the steps on that one. Thanks for the great service. -- jordanpw (email) 
@vdcseo @ericward 's LinkMoses Private is AWESOME. YAY, Eric and thank you![via twitter
What a great opportunity. Eric is a legendary link builder, just reading the name Eric Ward alone is a guarantee that such links are not rubbish. I am sure a mere $8 is very much worth for everyone.
-- virginiacarinsurancerates.com
@soccerclassroom LinkMoses Private at $8/mo is best #linkbuilding money I ever spent. Worth far more. Sign up at ericward.com/lmp [via twitter]
-- http://soccerclassroom.com
LinkMoses by @ericward AWESOME STUFF Eric - what a great read and fantastic resource :) Keep it up, mate! [via twitter

Michael Dorf said...Iíve been a subscriber to Ericís LinkMoses Private list since its early days, and the info it provided has helped me obtain dozens of solid links over the years.

"If I should name only one professional as a link building master, Iíd say Eric Ward. I havenít had many occasions to talk with him but his Link Moses Private newsletter (at a ridicolous low cost) is a great learning tool, besides being a mine of link opportunities".
Giuseppe Pastore
Posizionamento Zen [blog post]
"Link Moses Private is a great link building newsletter and resource. I cant wait to read every message and the value of the content is worth way more than the price"
Shelli Walsh
Just wish I had found LinkMoses Private before wasting thousands of dollars  on useless linking services. Your content is flat out amazing.
- Shawn R.
Very good actionable content. I am a big fan of Erics attitude towards link building and the way he presents the content. 
-- justinbohlmann.com
a really great resource!
-- skyscanner.net
So pleased with the subscription.  Like others the content may not always be for my client but there is a lnking lesson to be learnd each post for how to apply that elsewhere
-- azzam
I decided to take advantage of Eric's offer as well.  $8 is hard to pass up for the advice of an industry leader
-- wptrainingvideos.com
it's a pleasure to subscribe
-- chumpsfromoxford (email)
I subscribed this month and have been enjoying Eric's tips. Not every LOA will fit with you or a client's needs. In that case you can always file it away for later in your email client. He also usually puts in a small piece of advice about link-building and SEO in general, just to keep things educational.
-- kenhood.biz
Saw the post and really need this 
-- frugalferret.com
I'm constantly building links for my websites and clients (multiple industries). Finding more link opportunities is invaluable. I just registered and can't wait to get the next email. $8 is a no-brainer. 
-- netprofitmarketing.com
these comments make me want to check this out. I have not seen this type of admiration and love for a product in awhile. -- doncodesigns.com
Eric...has the credentials to back up his claims (the fact that Joost endorses him tells me a lot) -- michaelyurechko.com
I get so much out of your insights and info that I hate to miss any of your emails
-- Steve Doss
The complete LinkMoses Private Archive is available. It contains 169 issues, 530+ Link Opportunity Alerts, how-to videos, and 800+ pages of linking strategies and tactics

.What others have said about Eric Ward

One of the web's original link builders, Eric prides himself on working with only the best of the best - if your content is top notch and serves a greater cause than simply business, Eric is a promotion and link building guru with contacts that would make the New York Times envious.

- Rand Fishkin, moz.com

After reading the free edition of your newsletter I realized that your report will be worth every penny. It'll be required reading for me and my link team.

- Stoney G deGeyter, positionmarketing.com

An astounding amount of information on link building and content publicity tactics - information like this is just not offered anywhere else. Having had personal training and gone to seminars where you've spoke, I consider THE WARD REPORT to be a valued investment for my professional learning...people have no idea how valuable this information is.

- Valerie DiCarlo, seo-web-consulting.com

If you're not following Eric Ward, who are you following?  There's a reason he has been so aptly named "Link Moses. 

- Chris Bennett, 97thfloor.com

Eric knows what he's talking about, and his insights are priceless.

- Evolor.com

I appreciate all the great information you pass on.  I am definitely an advocate of the Eric Ward school of Link Building and Content Publicity!

- James Peggie, Elixir Systems

This is like having Eric spend an hour with you every month giving you his top tips. For Webmasters and/or SEO/M types The Ward Report is one of the best deals I've seen.

- Bob Mutch, www.seocompany.ca

Eric is one of the most plugged in professionals we know, having been online approximately forever. So if you want to get your news around, call the guy. In addition to being non-annoying, he's extremely effective in telling Heavy Duty Influentials what it is you're doing. This is especially valuable in cases where you yourself have forgotten.

- Chris Locke - author, The Cluetrain Manifesto(full quote)

Those who want the job done right by the best in the business flock to Eric Ward and count themselves lucky that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium. 

- Jim Sterne, Inc. magazine

Ward has been the Svengali behind the scenes of some of the Web's best known launches, from Amazon.com to Rodney.com 


In April of 1997 Eric Ward is included as one of the 100 most influential people in the world on the Internet as named by Websight Magazine.  In a bit of dramatic forshadowing, the magazine goes out of business a couple months later.

.Eric Ward may well be the foremost expert on promoting Web site launches and Web events 

- Interactive PR News.

The impact of Eric Ward's approach is optimal

- NetGuide Magazine

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