About LinkMoses…

LinkMoses is really Eric Ward. That’s me. My full bio my is here.
For over twenty years I’ve been a content linking strategist. Yes, twenty. What is a content linking strategist and what do I do?

I develop publicity strategies that increase awareness of your web content. My primary expertise is selective inbound link development, and I’m against any strategy designed to manipulate search engine results. I’ve worked with over 1,000 web sites, and none of them have ever been penalized or received an unnatural links notice as a result of my work.

My old NetPOST service (launched in 1994) was the Internet’s first Web site publicity service (here’s your proof). Since then I’ve developed linking strategies, performed linking and publicity campaigns, and consulted with web sites big and small, from Amazon to Zappos.

I’ve spoken at 150+ industry conferences, and years ago I was on panel with Matt Cutts when someone introduced me as “Link Building Moses”. It was either Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, Mike Grehan or Greg Boser, or maybe all four of them. Everyone in the audience laughed. Ha ha ha. Very funny. I get it. I’m vocally against link schemes, and I’ve been doing this since 1994.

But a few days later the linking strategist in me saw a light bulb come on. I recognized the opportunity Link Moses presented, and now I’m having the linking equivilent of the last laugh, as you can see by the thousands links I’ve attracted by turning LinkMoses into an alternative version of me. LinkMoses proved to be a great way to attract links naturally.

In August of 2011, LinkMoses became LinkMoses Private, a fee based subscription service offering immediatelty actionable link opportunities, link building advice, tactics, Q/A, news, tips, and interviews. It costs a whopping $8 per month.

As the great Joost de Valk said

A mere $8 a month? That, my friends, is hilariously little money. Good solid links, with great instructions on how to get them. I’ve subscribed for less than 2 months and already, I’ve gotten several links out of the link building tips. Now you see why I think all of you, should go and subscribe to LinkMoses Private.

I hope you will, too. If you’d like to know more about me, here’s my full Bio.

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