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Eric's Upcoming and Prior Speaking Engagements
Since 1996 I've had the pleasure of speaking at over 150 Internet conferences all over the world, and web based versions of my various conference sessions are all over the web. After the death of my Father in April 2008, I took a break from travel and speaking, and now only speak at shows I can get to and back home on the same day.
Conference Name/Link: SES Chicago
Location: Chicago - November 14-18, 2011
Sessions: Multiple

Register to attend via this link

Conference Name/Link: SMX East
Location: New York - October 5-7, 2009
Sessions: Multiple

Register to attend via this link, then use the discount code smx15speakers to receive 15% off the registration price.

Conference Name/Link: SMX East
Location: New York - October 6-8, 2008
Sessions: Multiple
Conference Name/Link: SMX West
Location: Santa Clara - February 26-28, 2008
Sessions: Multiple
Conference Name/Link: 
Search Engine Strategies
Location: Chicago - December 3-6, 2007
Sessions I'm Presenting: Multiple, TBD
Conference Name/Link: DMA07 Conference & Exhibition
Location: Chicago - October 16
Session Presented:
Desperately Seeking Links: Baiting, Buying, and Socializing for Link
Eric Ward Speaking at AMA Conferences
Conference Name/Link: AMA hot topic Conference Series
Location: Chicago - November 2, 2007
Session Presented: 
Search Engine Marketing and Link Building
AMA Hot Topic Series
Session: Search Engine Marketing Annual Summit
Las Vegas
Link Building and Social Media
Search Engine Strategies
White Hat Hot Seat, Linking Campaigns & Beyond

Note: I maintain a library of most my sessions.  If you attended one of those conferences and would like access to one of my sessions, let me know.