Link Building Interviews, Podcasts, etc. given by Eric Ward
The below interviews are listed in order of date given, with the most recent listed first.

Link Expert Eric Ward Talks Fear and the Evolution of Links (WebProNews)
January 2015 – Interviewed by Chris Crum of WebProNews

Nick Stamoulis Interviews Link Building Expert Eric Ward
September 2012 – One of the more open and candid interviews I’ve given. Interview by @NickStamoulis of Brick Marketing

Eric Ward Interviewed by Ogilvy Public Relations – 360 Digital Influence
September 2012 – Interview with Brian Camen about Social Media Linking and Promotion

Interviews With Innovators: Eric Ward
January 2011 – Interview with Rocket Clicks’ Link Publicity Expert, Nick Schurk.

The History of SEO Project – Eric Ward Interview
September 2010 – Interviewed by Mark Knowles  for History of SEO

Link Building Tool Interview with Eric Ward
June 2010 – Text/Audio interview with Elise Redlin-Cook of Vertical Measures.

WebmasterRadio’s SEM Synergy – Eric Ward Discusses Link Building in 2010
January 2010 – Audio interview. SEM Synergy, hosted by Bruce Clay

What if PageRank Never Existed? (Video)
October 2009 – Video interview with WebProNews‘ Mike McDonald at SMX East NY.

Eric Ward Interview On Link Building Challenges
December 2008 – Interviewed by Eric Enge for Ramblings About SEO

Eric Ward Reveals Link Building Secrets
November 2008 – Interviewed by Rachelle Money for WordTracker

5 experts demystify SEO link building
September 2008 – Group Interview by Michael Estrin for iMEDIA Connection

11 Experts on Link Development Speak Out
January 2008 – Group Interview with Rae Hoffman for SUGARRAE

Social Media Marketing – Answers from the Experts
August 2007 – Interviewed by

Eric Ward about link strategies, tactics and content driven sites
March, 2007 – SEORockStars(AUDIO) Interviewed by Todd Friesen and Greg Boser (Listen to mp3 in new window)

Latest events affecting the world of link building (AUDIO)
Sometime in 2007 – Interviewed by Eric Enge for Stone Temple
Transcript between Eric Enge and Eric Ward. Original audio mp3 is available here

AMA Hot Topics: Interview with veteran link builder Eric Ward
March 23rd, 2007 by Stephan Spencer (AUDIO mp3

The Insider link building video interview (VIDEO)
Sometime in 2007 – Interviewed by Mike McDonald of WebProNews

Eric Ward’s Online Publicity and Link Building Webcast (AUDIO)
Webcast: Sometime in 2006 – for Search Marketing Now

Interview with Eric Ward of URLwire
Sometime in 2006 – Interviewed by Lee Odden for TopRank Online Marketing Blog

Eric Ward on the Hyperlink Hot Seat
October, 2007 – 5 questions asked by Andy Hagans

Link Building Tips and Tactics  (AUDIO)
Sometime in 2005 – Interviewed by the Chris Pirillo Show at SES New York

How to (Really) Gain Link Popularity: 5 Mistakes and 3 Proven Tactics
Sometime in 2005 – Interviewed by Marketing Sherpa 

Linking Strategies that Improve Traffic to Your Site
Sometime in 2004 – Interviewed br Dr. Ralph Wilson, Web Marketing Today

Expert Interviews: Eric Ward
Sometime in 2004 – Interviewed br Promotion World

Watch a virtual seminar
Inside Secrets to Building Links for Online Publicity, Buzz and Search Engine ——Optimization, conducted by Eric Ward and Stephan Spencer at MarketingProfs

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