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Publicist and Link Builder Eric Ward Launches Link Bait Strategy Service

Eric Ward’s link bait strategy service utilizes his experience to determine what role link baiting ought to play in your online marketing strategy


What many online marketers are calling linkbait or Link Bait, Eric Ward calls content. Call him old fashioned, but if you try to create a buzz by creating pointless content, the buzz you hear will be flies, because only flies like junk.

Eric uses a different approach, based on nearly 15 years of successful link building.

A Solid Track Record
Eric Ward has been helping clients with linking and link bait strategies since before the term existed.  He  was involved with concepting and promoting several of the most successful examples of content (aka link bait) ever, including Windows Media Player, The Weather Channel’s Weather on your Site, AMCTV’s Monsterfest, and Schering-Plough’s Hepatitis C Infocenter. More recently Eric helped publicize the new Children’s Hospital Boston Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory.

It’s About Content
Ward commented “the bottom line for me is quality content=quality links.  Will the content attract links now and over time and will those links help you meet your marketing objectives?  Attracting a million links to a piece of ephemeral silly content like the Diet Coke/Mentos video is fun, but ultimately meaningless and inspires copycats. Attracting the right links that help you publicize great new content is far more meaningful, so that’s what I focus on”.

Ward continued, “The truth is most sites are developing the kind of link bait that will have very little long term value. And a bad strategy can backfire, as we saw with the fake Wal-Mart blog? I’m glad that blog (which I bet some marketing consultant called link bait) wasn’t my idea.”

How Eric Ward Does Link Bait
Eric uses his experience to perform a link bait audit to determine what role link baiting ought to play in your online marketing strategy.  Eric concepts with you what your linkbait could/should be, and once you create it, He shows you step by step how to get links for it and promote it, as only he can.

Included in Eric Ward’s Link Bait Consulting and Strategy Plan

– A proprietary “Link Opportunity Audit” for your site
– Creation of a strategic link bait strategy for your site
– Two hours of private phone discussion with Eric Ward
– Training on promotion and link building for the new content

The price of Eric Ward’s Link Bait Consulting and Strategy Plan is $2,500

The Guarantee
As with everything Eric does, he believes in his expertise, methodology and approach strongly enough that if after you are through you don’t think it was worth it, he will pay you the $2500 back.

If you’d like some contact with Eric before deciding, feel free to send email to, or use the contact page on to reach him.

About Eric Ward and
Eric Ward founded the Web’s first services for announcing, linking, and building buzz for Web sites, called NetPOST, in 1994, and in 1995 he launched the URLwire Site Announcement Network, which today has millions of readers and remains the only service devoted 100% to announcing useful web content. Eric is best known as the person behind the first linking campaigns for,, and His services won the 1995 Award For Internet Marketing Excellence, and he was selected as one of the Web’s 100 most influential people by Websight Magazine in 1997. Eric is a 4-star speaker at Jupiter’s Search Engine Strategies conferences, and he publishes a monthly how-to newsletter called THE WARD REPORT: Link Building and Content Publicity Tactics. Eric writes online marketing advice columns for Web Marketing Today and MarketingProfs, and previously for and Ad Age magazine.  Eric, his wife Melissa and toddler Noah live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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