Link Bait Tactics, Strategies, Coaching and Consulting, Including Linkbait Viability Analysis

Fee: $2,500

Link bait strategies have become a dime a dozen. You think you need some linkbait?  Maybe so, maybe not.

My approach to link bait is based on nearly 15 years of successful link building and publicity generation for timely or new content.  I’ve been helping clients with linking and link bait strategies since before the term existed, so I tend to have a more strategic perspective.  I was involved with concepting and promoting several of the most successful examples of content (aka link bait) ever.  Like the Weather Channel’s Weather on your site.  Like the very first Times Square Web Cam. Like Schering-Plough’s Hepatitis C Infocenter.  I even helped with the very first launch of what is now called Windows Media Player. That’s high quality content and if you want to call it linkbait, fine.

More recently I helped publicize and link the new Children’s Hospital Boston Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory, a highly specialized bit of link bait that now has hundreds of highly relevant and impactful links.  The odd truth about linkbait is that getting thousands of temporary “curiosity driven” links is far less valuable over the long haul than getting a couple hundred merit-driven links from the right places.  It’s about quality in both directions.

My $2,500 Linkbait Coaching and Consulting includes and results in the following:

  • I perform a Linkbait Feasibility Strategic Analysis, where I study and analyze your site and other sites in your niche to determine what type of content you can create that will add value and remain linkworthy over time. 
  • After my analysis is complete, together we’ll do some live linkbait brainstorming.  We use the phone and live screen sharing. Based on my experience I’ll suggest a several linkbait content ideas and strategies for your site.
  • I’ll jump start the process of promoting your linkbait, as well as providing advice as to how you can promote and build links on your own over time

My track record…
Search Google, Yahoo or bing for the term link building expert.  My rankings give me a unique insight into the engines. This allows me to analyze my site and its inbound links and learn from them.

What many people are calling linkbait or Link Bait, I call content. Call me old fashioned, but if you try to create a buzz (and links) by creating contrived content, the buzz you hear will be flies.

It’s still about content…
The bottom line for me is quality content=quality links.  Will the content attract links now and over time and will those links help you meet your marketing objectives?  Attracting a million links to a piece of amusing content (Diet Coke/Mentos) is funny, sure, but ultimately meaningless unless you know what to do with that link equity and why. Attracting the right links that help you publicize great new content is a more meaningful and strategic approach.

Link bait lies…
The truth is most sites are developing the kind of link bait that will have very little long term value. And a bad online promotion strategy can backfire, right Wal-Mart?  Or how about the YouTube – Chevy Tahoe experience. I’m glad neither of those linkbait ideas were mine.

Starting the process…
If you’d like some contact with me before deciding, please use my contact page to reach me. If you’re ready to begin, click the below button, which will let you pay for the session via paypal. I can also send you and invoice. When I receive your request I’ll email you to set a time for our first phone call.

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$2,500 for Linkbait Consulting and Linkbait Feasibility Analysis with Eric Ward

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