Eric Ward Talks Earned Links With Ken McGaffin

What’s the difference between an earned and a non-earned link. Eric Ward explains this fundamental issue for anyone doing a quality link building campaign. Eric Ward and Ken McGaffin now offer an online video course in link building. You can find out more at


Expert Link Building Strategies and SEO

ViralHeat sits down with link building expert, Eric Ward to pick his brain about Penguin 2.0, social media, and the history and evolution of online marketing.


An Introduction To LinkMoses Private (3:06)

LinkMoses Private is not about tricking Google. LinkMoses Private is about linking techniques that help with both click traffic and organic rankings today and for the long term. The ultimate goal of LinkMoses Private is to help you improve and sculpt a more effective inbound link profile. This involves recognizing the wide variety of linking opportunities that are available to you, from social media to the deep web, if you know where to look and how to pursue them.  – See more at:




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Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Inside the Black Box: Debunking the Myths of Link Spam

Detection – and How You Can Benefit From It












In this webcast, link-building expert Eric Ward and AdGooroo CEO Richard Stokes will provide an unprecedented look inside the “black box” of the search engines to 1) reveal the formulas being used to determine quality links from spam and 2) debunk the myths surrounding page rank, keyword density, title length, anchor text, word length, high value advertising terms and more.


WebProNews The insider Link building video discussion with Eric Ward

WebProNews’ Mike McDonald and I discuss how link building has changed in the past ten years or so, and the implications for today’s link builders.


Links, Link-Building and Public Relations with Eric Ward

Sponsored by Search Marketing Expo – SMX, Vocus and PRWeb – Link-building is a key component of a successful online public relations strategy. Do it well and your website or content will rank high in the search engine results. Do it poorly and you may never be found. Speaker: Eric Ward, – Q+A Panelist: Chris Sherman 

Fundamentals of Link Building with Eric Ward– Part 1 (9:35)

Join Eric Ward in link building video module covering link building fundamentals. This is taken from his private white hat Link Building training class.