What is FeedSeed?
If you haven’t heard the terms “RSS” or “Feed”, you will.  For those that already know what these terms mean, and for those of you already publishing multiple RSS feeds, FeedSeed is my service designed to make sure your feed content can be found and discovered as easily as possible.

As an example, did you know there are at least 10 e-newsletters that are read by high-level information professionals and librarians that contain announcements of new RSS feeds by topic?  Did you know there are blogs designed for announcing new feeds?  There are also over 50 new search engines just for RSS feeds, new directories of feeds, and even feeds about new feeds (that’s correct. Confusing, but correct).  FeedSeed sends your feed information to these venues and others.

Do You Need FeedSeed?
If you have a web site that has recently started publishing RSS feeds, I commend you.  But if you only show these feeds to visitors that are already on your site, what’s the point?  So maybe some of your already visiting readers will opt to subscribe to your feed?  Why not utilize the many excellent and freely available venues that will help you announce your feeds to the world, and in-so-doing, you’ll reach new people who weren’t visiting your site at all.  FeedSeed does this for you.

Those Cute Buttons Mean Big Business:
Have you ever been to a web site and seen cute little buttons like these?

Add to My MSN

The above are just a few of the buttons can appear anywhere on the web, and they make it so that anyone can click them and instantly add YOUR FEEDS to their already existing newsreader or personal page at Yahoo or MSN.  Please let that sink in.  In a split second anyone, anywhere, can add your feed to their already existing page or feed reader of choice.  If you are one of the millions of people who already have a personal page at Yahoo or MSN, give the button above a try, and you’ll see what I mean.  You’ll be able immediately subscribe to my URLwire news feed. Amazing, isn’t it.  And it’s all free exposure, thanks to the power of RSS.  My URLwire news feed was read by over a million people in 2004, in part because of those cute little buttons.

FeedSeed Service Pricing:
The charge for the FeedSeed service is based on the number of feeds you have and their subject area, so send me an email and tell me about them and I’ll reply with a custom quote.  As an example, I recently announced and publicized six new RSS feeds for a large health news site.  The fee was $1,500.

Eric Ward

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