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If you’re seeking linking strategy services, consulting, or aren’t sure exactly what you need…I suggest we begin with 75 minutes of one-on-one linking strategy consulting. To do so, go to this page: $500 Linking Strategies Call with Screen Share where you can read more about it.

Please Note…
I schedule phone calls first with those who have sent fees. I’ve worked using this model since 1998, and I understand this may be a deal breaker for some of you. I accept that I’ll lose some potential clients because of it. So be it. Those who understand and recognize the impact of what I do know my fees are more than fair, and I send the $500 back if you aren’t happy with the advice and counsel I provide.

Worth a shot…

skyp skype:eric.ward

You might catch me right now via skype. When I answer unscheduled skype calls I can only talk for a few minutes.


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