Sometimes when I’m giving a link building presentation, I’ll show the audience a site like this: Directory of open access journals, and tell them it’s an example of where trust lives. People look confused. Eyes glaze over. So what do I really mean? And what value would a site like this have from a link building perpsective? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I will reply right here on this post again in a few days with my explanation of the many ways a site like this is incredibly important for certain link builders.

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  1. says

    To expand on Rob’s point above, I think it’s important to call out that this site doesn’t just have huge deep page rank and quality content, it has huge deep page rank because it has quality content. Additionally the content is presented here for no other reason except to be useful with no ulterior motive of also achieving a certain ranking in the SERPs.

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    Hi Eric, thanks for the great link building resource that you provide.

    I think what you are saying is that in terms of trust, this site has it all. It has huge and deep page rank due to the abundance of quality backlinks from trusted .edu and .gov domains and also has high quality content that the users will find of great use.

    In the eyes of the search engines and users, the site cries out “authority” and “trust”, and is what all site owners should strive to achieve.

    An example of what great content can achieve.

  3. Garrett French says

    I highly value the opportunity to research academic-grade journals for free. Also, I would prefer if all the articles rather than the journals were searchable 😀

    As far as “trust living here” I don’t think I know what you mean. The papers themselves have citations… To some degree Google treats links as academic “citations” that help determine how much value a school of thought places on a given url. I trust that the majority of the citations in those articles were indeed valuable to the article writer.

    (except those written for pharmaceutical companies!!!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to stretch my brain… and for the link. I’m excited about researching the content in these journals and citing it (linking to it) for some of my client work.


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    Hey Eric . . . I’m looking at this and thinking it’s a great academic resource which will clearly have tons of trust and authority – possibly a perfect link?

    But its soooooo far up the food chain for many commercial SEOs/linkbuilders – how could a commercial organisation possibly get a link from it? Would you even want to?

    Would we not be better off focusing on links from industry specific trusted commercial hubs?

    I guess I’m way off here – really looking forward to your thoughts and explanation.


  5. says

    This site is a location where “people” can trust in the quality of the content being published here.

    Due to the review process and quality control one knows that the journals listed here are trustworthy. Which means you can believe what they are saying and there journals carry weight with them. Similarly references/citations within their journals should also carry weight with them.