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HOUSTON, Texas, Dec. 11, 1995 – The 2nd annual Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence were awarded today to the Federal Express Corporation, Ragú, Yahoo!, NetPOST, Software.Net and Virtual Vineyards. The Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence are announced each December to recognize innovative and significant successes in the Internet marketing industry. Award nominations are made and discussed by a diverse panel of internationally-recognized In ternet marketing experts, and final awardees are selected by The Tenagra Corporation. The Tenagra awards are the Internet marketing industry’s most prestigious annual award.

According to Cliff Kurtzman, President of Tenagra, “Each December, The Tenagra Awards provide peer recognition to those that have made significant contributions to facilitate marketing on the Internet or who have used Internet marketing to achieve signifi cant financial return or public relations success. Each success makes our industry more credible in the public’s eye, and recognition of these successes ends up strengthening the industry.”

Federal Express ( was selected for their on-line information center that allows Internet users to immediately track the status of their packages. A huge public relations success, they demon strated a tight integration between the Web and their business databases. Their Internet presence allowed them to provide a higher level of customer service than their competitors and simultaneously reduce their cost of customer support.
[Contact Sally Davenport, (

Ragú Spaghetti Sauce (, a product of Van den Bergh Foods, Inc., was selected due to their on-line marketing and brand awareness campaign that is both fun and entertaining. Their on-line presence has also effectively allowed them to gather customer opinions and collect valuable information about market trends.
[Contact Alicia Rockmore, (203) 381-3121, (

By building the most popular organized Web directory on the Internet, the creators of Yahoo! ( made it possible for Internet users to easily find resources on the World Wide Web, thereby facilitating Internet marketing. Origi nally founded by two Stanford University graduate students as a hobby, Yahoo! raised the venture capital to go commercial in 1995 and has seen their readership quadruple from 200,000 people a day to over 800,000. By incorporating selective advertising to provide the resources to fund its existence, Yahoo! is a true example of how the Web site sponsorship model can be used to the benefit of both Internet users and content providers.
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As the first Media Relations firm on the Net, Eric Ward and his NetPOST service ( pioneered the concept of a company specifically devoted to personalized, online media awareness campaigns for Web sites.
[Contact Eric Ward, The WardGroup (865) 363.8900, (

By driving costs down via electronic distribution and sharing the savings with customers, “Software.Net” (, a service of CyberSource Corporation, is a true global business success that could only have happened on the Internet. With more than 35,000 pages of on-line news and reviews, and 9000 products, they are shipping over 5,000 pieces of software per week to customers world-wide, and they are selectively using on-line advertising to generate Web site traffic. And they have consistently nurtured the Internet culture supporting good causes on their home page.
[Contact Daphne Jackson, Niehaus Ryan Haller Public Relations, (

Robert Olson and wine expert Peter Granoff have built Virtual Vineyards ( into a profitable business selling wines and gourmet foods on-line. By focusing on small producers they h ave demonstrated the potential of the Net to take limited-distribution products to a world-wide market. Their Internet presence includes effective use of an electronic mailing list to build a dialog with their client base and a highly effective media rel ations campaign to generate public interest in their on-line offerings.
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The 1995 Tenagra Awards nominating panel consisted of:

Jill Ellsworth, Ph.D., Senior Partner, Oak Ridge Research (San Marcos, Texas), and Author of Marketing on the Internet: Multimedia Strategies for the World Wide Web.,

Arnold Kling, President, ASK Real Estate Information Services (Silver Spring, Maryland).,

Jay Linden, President, BXI Inc. (Toronto, Canada), Internet presence, marketing and consulting.

Joel Maloff, President, The Maloff Company (Dexter, Michigan), Internet Business Consultants, and Author of The Official Internet World Net.Profit,

Bob O’Keefe, Associate Professor in the Lally School of Management & Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New York) and Editor of Net.Value: The Forum for Web Strategy.,

Jim Sterne, President, Target Marketing (Santa Barbara, California), and Author of World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Internet Into Your Marketing Strategy.,

Jonathan Strum, President, Innovative Solutions (Valencia, California), Internet marketing and World Wide Web development.,

Frank Taylor, President, TriNet Services Inc. (Raleigh, North Carolina), Internet and Web Consulting.,

Tom Vassos Internet Marketing Strategies Manager, IBM Toronto Laboratory (Toronto, Canada).

1994 awardees were: PizzaHut; id Software (developers of DOOM); The Netscape Communications Corporation; the Internet Shopping Network; Gleason Sackman (Net-Happenings moderator); and Glenn Fleishman (Internet Marketing discussion list moderator).

Each award recipient receives a Tenagra Award logo for display on their Web site. The Tenagra Award logo was designed by Sense Interactive of Houston, Texas.

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