For SearchEngineLand’s LinkWeek

July 9, 2007

I’m an extreme believer in linking analysis and competitive linking intelligence. I have tools that analyze millions of links every week. I have scripts that compare, contrast, group, separate, divide and categorize links to a degree that would make your eyes cross. As I type this one of my competitive link audit scripts is in its third hour of chewing on tens of thousands of inbound links linking to several sites my client’s site competes with.

But for this week’s column let’s imagine my link analysis has absolutely nothing to do with search rank. What good is all my link analysis if I don’t use it to try and improve search rank? How do you study thirty or forty thousand links if search rank, PageRank, high trust domains etc., don’t matter? What’s the point? What do you look for?

Plenty. In fact, some of the most fascinating and useful information can be found if you remove search engines from your link analysis objectives. The challenge is knowing what to look for, and that will only come with practice…read the full column at SearchEngineLand

Link well my friend.

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