October 10, 2006

LinkMoses loves him some DMOZ, and his alter ego is a 6 year category editor, but…

If a man with as much knowledge and expertise as Foster Coburn can’t be an editor for this category, then In The Name of All Things Holy, nobody can, and curses upon the stupid DMOZ “become an editor” gauntlet. C’mon DMOZ, Foster is the EXACT type of person you should be thankful to get, is exactly the type of editor who will keep DMOZ from becoming obsolete, and you would be lucky to have him.

Instead of screaming conflict where it doesn’t exist, you should scream Hallelujah!

So get your act together DMOZ before you don’t matter.  You had it all, and got too picky.  Now you are like the Titanic.  You have a chance to alter your course before you hit the berg.  What are you going to do?

Eric Ward, aka LinkMoses

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