December 18 2006

Curses! I got tagged and now I have to share five things that nobody in our industry knows about me. I’ll get you for this Lee Odden…OK, where to  start…As Lee mentioned, Jeff Pulver started things off with this Holiday version of Blog Tag and this is the way it works: Once you’re tagged by another blogger, you write five things most people don’t know about you and then “tag” five other bloggers.

Here ya go…

1). When I was in 4th grade I unscrewed the Christmas light bulbs off every house in our neigborhood and hid them in my basement (the old time kind like this). My Dad found them and made me go to each house and personally apologize.

2). My grandparents lived in Story, Wyoming and we’d go see them during the Summers.  I learned how to ride a horse with no saddle, stirrups or reins when I was just 7 years old.  And I don’t mean just a casual walk.  Me and my brothers raced all day through creeks up mountains, and wherever the day took us.  Sadly, I haven’t been on a horse in twenty-five years.

3). I can eat an entire McDonalds hamburger in one bite.  My 4 year old loves this. Stuff it all in, chew, swallow, smile. Then burp. In college on a dare I tried it with a Big Mac.  Results were not good…

4). Speaking of college, I learned every single word to Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight and got good enough at it that I was asked to do it at band parties after football games all over Knoxville.  Allthough I haven’t done it since, I still know every word.  “With a hip, hop, a hibby…”

5). From 4th grade through 12th grade I went to 5 different schools. I spent the first two years of my high scool years at a huge public school in New Jersey, then spent the last two years at an all boys private school in Chattanooga, TN.  Can you say Culture shock? To this day I don’t understand how it was ok to wear Docsiders to school with your coat and tie but not my ultra sweet Puma Clydes, which cost more and looked better with my corduroy suit. They made me get rid of both of them.  On the plus side, I owe my love of B&W photography to one awesome teacher, Baylor’s Dr. John Miller.

Bonus Admission:
Joe vs. The Volcano is among my top 10 favorite movies of all time.

Now to the tagging! Angela Gunn, Debra Mastaler, Jim Sterne, Glenn Fleishman, and Ann Handley

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