What My Four-Year-Old And a Bicycle Has to do With Link Building

by Eric Ward, aka LinkMoses
December 27, 2006 permalink

My son Noah decided out of the blue one day that he no longer wanted training wheels.  I’d bought him two bikes, one with training wheels, one without, figuring this would encourage his natural desire to ride the two wheeler over time, and he’d thus gravitate to the bike without the training wheels on his own, when he was ready.  I didn’t want to push him and was curious what would happen if he had the choice between the two bikes.

What I didn’t expect was how fast he’d learn how to ride the bike without the training wheels.  It took him three trys. Click the above video to see him in all his wobbly two-wheeled glory.

So what does this have to do with link building?  Nothing really, although the traits he showed are good ones to have if you want to make a career out of helping build links to web sites.  Especially nowadays.

The traits of the link builder?


Link well my friend,


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