Natural Link Building seems like an oymoron, doesn’t it?  If you’re pursuing a link and are successful, that means it didn’t happen naturally, right?


There are many ways you can “speed up naturalness“. It’s a matter of finding the exact people who are curating and/or writing about the subject that your content is about, and properly introducing them to your content. Then, the choice to link to it is theirs, not yours or mine. Your content earns a link or it doesn’t, and this is the very essence of natural. Here’s a great example. Look at this page: UCLA Audiology and Speech Pathology.

One of the sites listed on that page is a client of mine that manufactures hearing aids. When I started working with them they did not have a link on this page. They didn’t know this page existed. I found this page, and others like it, and contacted them to identify the appropriate editors/curators. I then politely let them know that my client had a new site. The editor/curators did not know this (how could they?) so how could they link to something they don’t know exists?

This is how we “speed up naturalness”. The editor/curators would have linked to that site had they known about it, because their page was designed for that exact purpose.  My role as the linking strategist is/was to identify and facilitate. The link itself happened naturally, because the editors make that decision, not me.

Below are further details about my Natural Link Building Training, Consulting, and Tactical Advice
All training, consulting and workshops are conducted by me. I do not outsource. Topics include natural link building, link development, linkbait coaching, linking strategies, link building blueprints, content publicity strategies, linking analytics and audits, and competitive linking intelligence.

Most Often Requested Training/Coaching Services:

$500 – Live Phone and Screen Share Linking Strategy Session

75 minutes one-on-one with me. I’ll record the call and screenshare and give you a copy.

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I provide a “no punches pulled” assessment of your site from a link building perspective. While we talk I’ll personally study your site, use my tools in real-time to identify the good, bad, and ugly from a linking perspective. I tell you exactly what I’d do to improve things if the site were mine.  Among the goals: evaluate content linking potentials that can be exploited, and tell you how to do so. Few people know how to do this better than I do. It’s what I’ve been doing for nearly two decades for sites large and small. Topics we can discuss include linkbait, offsite linking strategies, on-site linking strategies, link building blueprints, content publicity strategies, linking analytics and audits, competitive linking intelligence, and other topics.

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$2,500 – Proprietary Competitve Linking Analytics and Strategy Reports

I’ll perform a private analysis of your site, and use my private tools to analyze competitor sites. Then based on those findings I’ll create and deliver to you a linking strategy developed for your site. I wont sugar-coat things or tell you what you want to hear. In total we’ll spend 90 minutes together by phone along with me creating the reports/linking strategy you can take action on immediately.


– Strategy report designed specifically for your site
– Linking Analytics – Link Opportunity Audit
– High trust target site identification
– Example link request creation and editing
– 90 minutes of private phone discussion / training
– I give you a private skype address to reach me for follow-up questions.

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$5,000 – Custom Link Building Blueprint/Plan

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$2,500 – Linkable Content Strategies

A white hat and unique approach to creating linkable content, based on many years of experience. In this new era of personalized search results, links are more important than ever, and linkbait needs to be white-hat and about verticality, not just algorithms.

I’ll start by reviewing and analyzing your current site and other sites in your niche, to determine what type of content you can create that will add value and remain linkworthy over time. I’ll concept and suggest a several content creation ideas and strategies for your site, and I’ll provide 3 hours of private phone consultation along the way. Then I’ll jump start the promotion of your content by providing a plan for how you can promote and build links to your new content over time.

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$12,000  – Private Link Building Boot Camp with Eric Ward

I offer a one on one combined link building and training service, where I teach you the process I use.

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Live Custom Workshops

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100% custom. Together we create a curriculum that is appropriate for you, your team, and your site. A preliminary phone call with you will establish curriculum. All workshop sessions are interactive, for up to 10 people, with you and I both on the keyboard and phone. $1,500 per session, which then includes email or skype followup.

Example Sessions – presented below as an FYI – all sessions are $1500

  • What linking tactics make sense for your site in 2015 and beyond
  • Linking Tools Review – with so many available, which is best for your situation and why?
  • Outreach best practices – 20 years of seeking links and publicity have taught me a few things
  • How to inspire key influencers to link to your content
  • Link prospecting for your site using the power of advanced operators
  • Effective local link and citation strategies you probably aren’t using but should be
  • Linking techniques for Google and beyond. The web is bigger than one search engine
  • Disavow or ignore? How to know when and why
  • Not all paid links are evil: When it makes sense to pay for links, and when it doesn’t
  • Holistic linking (seeing all your site’s linkable assets)
  • How the right use of social media can help you earn links and traffic
  • Stealth linking opportunities that your competitors can’t find
  • How to announce a web site, new content, or app for maximum impact
  • On site link optimization – The best source of higher rankings might just be your own site
  • Missing link reclamation – Get those links back before they are deleted
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