“ Eric follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are given based
on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time” — Matt Cutts, Google

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EricWard.com - Content Promotion and Natural Linking Strategies
Established in 1994, I create content marketing, promotion, publicity and linking strategies. I also offer consulting, training, linking analysis and evaluation, linking blueprints, and outreach services. I publish a content strategies newsletter, and curate a web content promotion reading room with hundreds of my columns, videos, and presentations.

Content Linking Services and Strategies Offered by EricWard.com

Winter 2015

Below is a list of the linking services and strategies I provide.  I also offer highly specialized related services I can't describe here on my site for obvious reasons. Contact me privately.

1 - Live Site Evaluation and 75 Minute Linking Strategy Call($500) 
2 - Linking Strategy Sessions (2) Including Proprietary Competitive Linking Analytics($2500) 
3 - Link Bait Tactics, Strategies, and Consulting ($2500) 
4 - Custom Content Promotion and Linking Plan Creation ($5000)
5 - Link Building BootCamp. 100% Customized to Your Site ($7500)
6 - URLwire Site Announcement Network ($495)
7 - LinkMoses Private - Link Opportunity Alerts ($8 monthly subscription)

My expertise is and always has been links. I started the Web's first link building service almost two decades ago, and have spent my days learning as much as I can about the many ways web content gets discovered, publicized, and linked to. I can say with confidence that I understand the nuances of online publicity and link development as well as anyone in the world. I've created my own set of linking analytics tools.  All my services are 100% white hat, and always have been.  That's why Matt Cutt's of Google was willing to give me the quote you see at the top of this page.  I don't chase rank.  Rank is earned, via quality content and quality links. All my services are designed to help you earn trustworthy merit based inbound links to your high quality web content. 

The services I choose to offer are not designed to fool search engines. My services are designed to help your site achieve a natural inbound link profile that is logical and genuine, speeding the process that should happen naturally over time, but can't due to the absurd amount of spammy tactics that do more harm than help.

Using the approach I've been practicing and perfecting for years does have the residual effect of improved search rank, but that's not the sole purpose of link building. It's simply that the search engines reward a site for having trustworthy natural inbound links with higher rankings. 

Live Site Evaluation and 75 Minute Linking Potentials Consulting Call
Fee is $500. You know link building is important, but you don't know what (or who) to believe or where to spend your time and money.  Before you waste a dime, spend a little money and time with me.  It will save you far more in the long run.  Includes 75 minutes by phone with live via screen sharing, one-on-one. I use my tools and do some backlink analysis while we talk. You ask questions, I ask some back, I give answers, advice, and strategies. I explain what I'd do if your site were mine, from a link building perspective, based on my experience helping hundreds of sites over the years. I send you an email summary of notes, ideas, recommendations, and advice we discussed. 
Learn more about and/or request the $500 Session

Competitive Linking Analytics And Strategy Sessions
(includes at least two hours by phone)
Fee is $2500. We begin with a phone call where I ask a series of pertinent questions about your site and your competitors.  I'll then use proprietary tools to conduct an in-depth site analysis and competitive link audit.  I'll use the results to create two reports. I'll send the above reports to you via email, and once you've had a chance to look them over, we then have another longer phone call (90 minutes) where we discuss the findings and recommendations.  I purposely design this service so that you can take my reports and strategies and implement them in house without having to hire me to do it.  The session isn't a hook to get you to buy more services from me. 
Learn more about and/or request the $2500 Linking Strategy Session here

Complete link building & publicity campaign for new site
You have a brand new site that's never been launched, at a brand new URL. NetPOST is the brand name for my content announcement and white hat linking campaigns for new sites, launching for the first time.  I've offered this service since 1993. In a nutshell, I'll announce your web content to the most targeted, logical and appropriate online venues that will result in new inbound links to your content, based on your content's subject matter, without requiring a reciprocal link in return. Fees are project specific, meaning I'll send you a custom proposal with exact cost. Fees typically range from $15,000 for a three month linking and announcement campaign up to $50,000 for year round services. An in-depth description of the NetPOST service can be read here.

Link Bait Strategies, Consulting, and Linkbait Feasibility Analysis 
I was involved with concepting and promoting several of the most successful examples of content (aka link bait) ever.  Like Windows Media Player. Like The Weather Channel's Weather on your Site, like AMCtv.com's Monsterfest, like Schering-Plough's Hepatitis C Infocenter. That's high quality content and if you want to call it linkbait, fine.  More recently I helped publicize the new Children's Hospital Boston Virtual Stem Cell Laboratory.  So let me use my experience to perform a link bait audit to determine what role link baiting ought to play in your online marketing strategy.  I'll concept with you what your linkbait could/should be. Learn more here.

Custom Content Promotion and Linking Plan Creation
Fee is $5000. You have a site and are comfortable doing the work, you just need some direction. The Content Publicity Strategic Plan is the most complete online awareness building plan for your web content that can be done. I know this to be true because I've been doing them and perfecting them for eleven years, for content from sites including Discovery.com, PBS.org, AMCtv.com, Weather.com, Travel Channel, Law.com, WarnerBros, Paramount, Yahoo (yes, Yahoo) and hundreds of others over the years.  Part linking and part public relations, the Content Publicity Strategic Plan picks up where link building ultimately fails. I research, identify, evaluate, and create for you a private and 100% custom list of subject specific and topically relevant online venues that can be contacted to generate awareness, links to, and publicity for your content/site.  From vertical engines and portals to the niche-iest blogs and discussion lists, I'll create a linking roadmap with hundreds of target sites you can pursue for publicity and links. 
Learn more here.

Ecommerce site link building
You have an ecommerce site already, but have never really conducted a focused in-depth linking campaign for it.  You have several competitors with web sites, and feel you could be better linked than you are, and you want to maximize links the right way without antagonizing the engines. 
Fees vary

Coaching and training
Happy to.  Training is my favorite activity. 
Learn more about my coaching and training services here.

Link Building Boot Camp 
My combined link building and training service, where I teach you one on one the process I use. We have meetings by phone each week for a period of one to two months. 
Learn more about my Link Building Boot Camp.

URLwire Site Announcement Service
Fee is $495. URLwire is a web site announcement network I started back in the early nineties as a way to help Jeff Bezos announce the debut of Amazon.com. I created URLwire because mass wire services like PR Newswire or PRWeb do not and cannot reach the key online contacts who specifically write about, review, and link to new web content. I know this is so because I also happen write about and review web sites for several publications and the DMOZ directory. I originally created URLwire for people like Yahoo Picks of the Day/Week, Forbes Best of The Web, USA Today Web Hot Sites, The Scout Report, and thousands of other publications, blogs, and curators that need to know about new web sites.
Learn more about the URLwire News Network at URLwire.com.

RSS feed awareness and link building
You have feeds and/or podcasts, but nobody knows about them. I offer services to make sure your feeds are seeded into the most potent feed engines and directories, as well as announced to the key people that follow such things. 
Fees vary. Learn more about FeedSeed

LinkMoses Private
10-20 private email posts sent to you each month containing high value link opportunities you can pursue immediately.  I don't mean crappy directories or paid blog posts. Those are meaningless. I identify the best linking opportunities across a variety of verticals, and I send them to you with instructions and tips all month long. There is no other service like this in the world. The fee is $8 per month, payable via PayPal subscription. You can sign up or cancel anytime. Learn more about LinkMoses Private

How to Reach Me.
The Ultimate Guide To Link Building
Link Building Book By Eric Ward and Garrett French
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Those who want the job done right by the best in the business flock to Eric Ward and count themselves lucky that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium
Jim Sterne, Inc. magazine

Eric is a promotion and link  building guru with contacts that would make the New York Times envious
Rand Fishkin, seomoz.org
I can personally testify that working with Eric is exceptional. He sets a very high standard and you can tell he truly enjoys his work 
— Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog
Eric Ward is THE authority on links
— Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand.com

hi eric  - i will create a category for web promotion and place you in it.
jerry yang, yahoo, Dec, 1994 - read the full email

Eric offered incredibly effective link building services and that was instrumental in making ArtNexus.com the leading Latin American art magazine. He is the most effective link builder on the planet. I'd recommend him strongly to anyone who has an important story  to tell online” 
Mike Freedman, ArtNexus.com 

Reaching me in a hurry
If you know you want to use my services and really need to get my attention, just request a $500 site evaluation and one hour consulting phone call via PayPal. I respond very fast when I see you've sent me money. 

That's not intended to be harsh, it's just the reality of becoming one of the most respected link builders on the web.  I'm swamped.  Once you are a client you'll get a private IM and email address to use to reach me any time you need me.

Why I'm different... 
I believe in my expertise, methodology and approach strongly enough that if after we are through you don't think it was worth it, I'll send the fees back. 

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