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Please Note - I no longer offer the service described on this page.

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Linking and Publicity Campaigns for Brand New Sites

1 - Who my NetPOST services are designed for
2 - How I conduct content publicity and link building campaigns
3 - My private contacts
4 - How to begin the process and request a proposal
5 - Fees, project options, etc.
6 - Some straight talk
7 - Why I do this

Industry Testimonials

“ Eric follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are given based  on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time ” 
-Matt Cutts, Google
Those who value time and want the job done right by the best in the business flock to Eric Ward and count themselves lucky that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium
-Jim Sterne, Inc. magazine

Part One -    Who my services are designed for
NetPOST is the brand name for my content announcement and linking campaigns.  NetPOST originated in 1993, and has evolved as the web has evolved.  NetPOST remains the most complete and best organic link building and publicity campaign in the world, and has been used by many of the most famous brands in web history, including,,, and several hundred others.

NetPOST is designed to be effective for new sites launching for the first time.  If your site has been around a while, my existing site link building services would be more appropriate.

On Being Selective
I work with very limited types of content.  I don't care if your site cost a million dollars to build or $100. What drives my decision is your content.  If I think I can I help it become known and linked, I'll work with you.  If I don't, I'll tell you.  I have handled the linking and announcement campaigns for hundreds of sites small and large.

In a nutshell, my mission is to announce your web content to the most targeted, logical and appropriate online venues that will result in new inbound links to your content, based on your content's quality and subject matter, without requiring a reciprocal link in return

Building inbound links to your content from carefully selected and appropriate venues throughout the Internet, my approach to link buidling and publicity is based on several techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Linking strategy based on your site's content 
  • Links are pursued based on subject relevance, not to fool search engines
  • No submitting to dubious directories. They don't work, never have, never will
  • Submitting to appropriate online media contacts and site reviewers who can't be bought or fooled
  • Identifying and outreach to social media and social bookmarking influencers as appropriate. Yes, that includes Twitter.
  • Holistic approach based on your site's entire content family (feeds, multimedia, etc.)
  • Every contact made individually, by hand, by me
  • Progress reports and phone discussions provided 
  • Art and Science
    My NetPOST service begins with me looking through your Web site and then, based on the content, features, competitive niche and intended audience, I use proprietary citation analysis tools to locate the most important online target venues for link seeking for your site.  I do the research myself. I identify high trust and high quality target venues to seek publicity and links for your content.  I do this based on 14+ years of expereince knowing what to look for and why. Every step of the link building and publicity campaign is carried out by me, not a machine or unknown account executive.

    The above technique is proven to work and is exponentially more effective than just submitting to every search engine and directory you may find, or to every site with a Google Pagerank over 2.  The directories and search engines should only be one component of your awareness and linking plan, or you are wasting your time.

    Part Two - How I execute content publicity and linking campaigns
    For me, the process of awareness and link building for Web sites is not a task, but an art. It is also a full-time challenge. The Internet is too big, and growing so fast. The Net has such an ease of publishing that new submission resources appear every day.  For example, who'd heard of blogs five years ago?  Nobody.  Or RSS feeds? Or Podcasts or Tags?  This rapid change dictates that the Internet needs, and for that matter deserves, a specialist that focuses solely on it 24/7/365, and that's me.  It's all I do all day every day.

    When I started, there were NO search engines to submit to. Then came Wandex (1993) and Webcrawler (1994). I was online the day Yahoo! was first announced. I knew Jerry and David in their pre-billionaire grad student days. I watched as AltaVista became number one in spite of having no idea what they had. And I gleefully enjoyed the emergence of vertical search (search engines devoted to specific topics or content), which I predicted at a conference back in 1997 and now the industry press writes about vertical search like it's new.  So now, all these years later, we have 1000's of directories, search engines, portals, vortals, blogs, vlogs, feeds, guides, zines, links pages, tags, lists etc., around the world.  Some are good, some should be ignored, and some should just go away.

    The point? The point is that I conduct a far more thoughtful, strategic, and complete linking, publicity, and awareness campaign. It takes longer, but it works. Proof? My service is the only awareness building service that has ever won the Internet Marketing Excellence Award, which was at that time our industry's Oscar.

    Part Three -    My Private Contacts and Database
    This is where the art comes in. With millions of possible venues on the Net, knowing which are the best or most appropriate takes effort and skill. I'm online all day every day and have been for years.  I live online. 

    My personal private database now has thousands of personally reviewed submission venues, and is added to and pruned daily. I also perform a custom search for each client's site, so no two submission campaigns are EVER the same. 

    The submission outlets I selected and submitted to for were much different that the outlets I submitted to for Sure there were some common submission points, like Yahoo and the major search engines, but then to be truly effective I research and hunt down topic specific and niche submission venues for every client's site.

    I have thousands and thousands venues I can contact for links. Every day I find new venues around the world that I can use for my clients. I also maintain a list of highly targeted online media outlets that have print counterparts. Over the course of my years doing this, I have built a professional relationship with theses folks, and send them news about new sites based on interest profiles they give me.  I never automate any of my processes. I personally do all research and make all submissions, site announcements, and link requests myself, one at a time.  Don't contact me if you're looking for a spammer.

    My campaign for your site will take place over a period of several weeks or even months.  During the campaign I will provide you with status reports and we can talk by phone, email, and IM.

    My work can have an effect both quickly and over the course of several months. Some submissions take time to propagate. Ultimately, your server logs will tell the tale of the effectiveness of your site and my campaign.

    I'm a well known person in the industry, a frequent speaker for Search Engine Strategies conferences, and I have written about linking and link-building for several publicatons including Ad Age, MarketingProfs, and ClickZ. I currently write the LinkWeek column for SearchEngineLand.

    Part Four -     How to begin the process
    Email me via my contact form and include the URL for your site. Tell me a little about what you are hoping to accomplish. I'll personally look at your site and email you back my initial impressions. If you like what I have to say (I'll pull no punches), we can talk further about next steps.  NOTE: I stay pretty busy, and receive a few hundred emails a week. If you really want to get my attention fast, skip the initial email request and immediately request the $500 initial evaluation and phone call via PayPal now. I respond quite fast when I'm sent money.

    Part Five -     Fees, project options, etc.
    Link building project fees range from a few hundred dollars for a single site announcement on URLwire to $50,000 for a year long linking and publicity campaign. A typical three month new launch link building and publicity campaign is around $15,000. 

    Part Six -     Some straight talk
    Whether you contact me or not, here's a few closing thoughts...
      Link building activities performed just to improve search rank will not work over the long term, unless you use some very subtle strategies that few people know and understand

      You must be producing content that someone wants to see, or no amount effort will help

      Accept that some type of regular awareness-building activity needs to take place on behalf of your site.  You can't build a site and do nothing

      Most links are useless, and some are even worse

    Part Seven -      Why I do this
    What I do isn't high profile work, and it requires a careful hand. I came to this business by accident. After many years working in Marketing, Advertising, and PR, in the early nineties I had a personal experience that forced me home for quite a while. 

    During that time I became an Internet fanatic. I spent entire days online. This was before there were any graphical Web browsers. I had Archie, Gopher, Usenet, Telnet, WAIS and Lynx, a text based Web browser. All via dialup on a 9,600 baud modem. I was online the day a college kid named Mark Andreesen announced Mosaic and made it available for the first time. Back then the entire program fit on one disc with room to spare.

    I was the very first person ever to offer Web site awareness building services. A bunch of services make that claim, but anyone who's anyone online knows the real deal: I founded the site awareness-building industry, and I can prove it. On Tuesday, December 20, 1994, I contacted Jerry Yang at Stanford to ask if he'd add a directory category to Yahoo called "Web Site Promotion", because there wasn't even a category for it. There was no industry. There was me.  He added the category for me and I was the only service in it.

    Reaching me
    I am not easy to reach. If you would like to talk personally, we can try to connect by phone. but we may miss each other as I only answer it for pre-set appointments.  As mentioned previously, if you really want to get my attention fast, skip the initial email request and immediately request the $500 initial evaluation and phone call via PayPal now. I'm at (865) 637-2438. You can also use my web based email form

    Thanks for your time.

    Eric Ward   - Contact me

    hi eric  - i will create a category for web promotion and place you in it
    - jerry yang, yahoo, Dec, 1994
    Eric Ward stands out as the one prominent “old school SEO” authority on link building
    - Lee Odden, Online Marketing Blog
    Eric is a promotion and link  building guru with contacts that would make the New York Times envious
    - Rand Fishkin,
    Eric Ward may well be the foremost expert on promoting Web site launches and Web event
    - Interactive PR News
    Eric is the world's authority on linking strategies
    - Dr.Ralph Wilson, Web Marketing Today
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