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“ Eric follows the right link building approach. He's interested in links that are given based
on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time” — Matt Cutts, Google
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“ Eric Ward is THE authority on links” — Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand

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Established in 1994, I create content marketing, promotion, publicity and linking strategies. I also offer consulting, training, linking analysis and evaluation, linking blueprints, and outreach services. I publish a content strategies newsletter, and curate a web content promotion reading room with hundreds of my columns, videos, and presentations.

Competitive Backlink Audit/Analysis and Private Linking Strategy Session


Did Panda or Penguin get your attention?  If your content is truly linkworthy, I can help you get where you want to go. Naturally. Natural link building sounds like an oxymoron, because for something to be natural it means it happened completely on it's own, right?

Not exactly. There's also a way to accelerate the process of obtaining the links your site should naturally expect to get, and there's a way to utilize content strategies to help facilitate and speed the appearance of natural links. If you know how and why. That's where my nearly two decades of experience comes into play.  My site is living proof my methods work.

My Linking Analytics and Strategy Sessions includes proprietary link audits plus linking strategy reports created specifically for your site by me, and includes ninety minutes by phone one to one with live screen sharing, recorded so you can watch it again later.

“Eric's process is unique and effective, and was a wise investment considering the outstanding results we obtained
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Higher search rank is the residue of great content properly linked. I know what works and why, and I can analyze your site and industry link profile using my own proprietary tools and show you whether or not your site is on the right linking path or not. 

Most sites are wasting time and money on linking tactics destined to fail. There's a reason I have never used the tactics most link builders do.  Their tactics don't produce merit based earned links. Among the techniques I HAVE NEVER USED are mass directory submissions, mass article marketing, link networks, link farms, engineered anchor text or any other manufactures tactic. They are all junk and always have been.  They add to the deluge of web spam. 

Natural link building is not just about search rank either. If it was, the first three years of my link building career would have been pointless, because Google didn't exist yet.  On the other hand, there's a reason I've earned the reputation I have. See this search result for Link Building Expert Eric Ward. I don't and have never thought of myself as a Search Engine Optimization expert or consultant.  My business card says Content Publicist, Link Building Realist.

My linking strategy sessions are conducted live by phone plus utilizing either Skype or GoToMeeting screen sharing. The sessions include me performing proprietary link analytics for your site and your industry niche, then using those findings to produce a linking strategy fully customized for your site.  This link building strategy can then be used by you for in house link building, or RFP/proposal creation. 

Sessions include...

100% custom designed for your site, includes Competitive Linking Analytics for your site, your industry, and competing sites within your industry niche. 

Creation of two custom linking strategy reports created by me just for your site, and ninety minutes live by phone with me to discuss my findings and suggestions.

- Two private phone discussions (90 minutes total)
- Live video / screen sharing
- I present a set of linking strategies designed just for your site
- Custom Reports:
..1). Proprietary Link Audit, including (and just for) your site
..2). Custom Linking Strategy Report (suggested tactics for your site)
- Perhaps just as important as the above is that I'll keep you from wasting money on linking tactics and services that will not work.

More about the Private Linking Strategy Session...

For me, link building is more public relations than SEO, and linking analytics, link analysis, and content publicity is not a fad, it's a way of life. Part science, part math, part art. Since I've been building links since before Google existed, I have a different perspective than every other link builder working today.  I've been creating long term linking strategies, building links and teaching others about creating publicity for web content for years, for some of the most well known web sites in the world, as well as for small topical sites known only where they need to be known to succeed.

The obligatory search result confidence builder...
Although I don't put much emphasis on search rankings alone, I know many of you reading this do.  So let's have a look. 

Organic rankings for for the search term: link building expert

Google search result
Yahoo search result
bing search result search result
blekko search result

Hopefully my site is somewhere in the top 2 or 3 for the above engines.  At times I've ranked 1st on all of them at the exact same time. More often it fluctuates.  For me the larger question is how can a one-man business like mine outrank thousands of much larger companies all over the world who also want to rank high for that term?  The answer is pretty obvious; I know what works and why

For those of you who like your search results a little more granular, click any term below to see if I can be found at Google. 

Google search results for the terms...
linking facts and fiction | linking strategy session | link bait strategies | link building training | custom linking strategies | link building webcast

Some of these rankings are great, some are good, some vary day to day.  I honestly don't fret over it. That said, my rankings give me a unique insight into the engines, and allow me use what I know for my client's sites. I have experienced based knowledge of what your site's inbound link profile or link portfolio needs to look like, because my site and my clients have it.  This does not mean I can replicate my inbound link profile for every site.  It means I can show you what you need to do to create your own industry specific version of an inbound link profile that will help you

If your content is truly linkworthy, I can help you get where you want to go.

Chasing butterflies...

Most people are after links for the wrong reasons and from the wrong sites.  There are many companies selling linking services that are 100% worthless. Terms like Link Popularity, Pagerank, hubs, authorities, anchor text, etc. are used as if they are the all that matter. Marketers obsess over concepts like Pagerank sculpting, siloing, no-follow, triangulation, link architecture, link equity, redirects, and IP Blocks.  Most of these terms do nothing more than give you a false sense of security, or more to the point, insecurity.  As if by giving something a name will make it easier to understand, and by extension easier to sell to you. 

I know what works, what matters, what doesn't, and why, and I'll put my knowledge about content linking and online publicity up against anyone in the world. 

A practitioner's approach...

I work with sites of any size, as long as the content is meritorious. I work with sites as large as and, as nichefied as, and as small as I do this all day every day. I'm hands on. I do not farm my work out, I do it myself. I identify the best targets. I request the links. I send the site announcements. I know what it takes to get coverage and links in the right places from the right people.  That's why people hire me.  I know what the hell I'm doing and guarantee it.

I also train agencies, PR firms, site developers and individuals in the art of link building and online publicity.  I speak at the best search marketing conferences, and my articles about linking and online publicity appear all over the world.  My linking services are mentioned in college courses about web marketing, and Websight magazine named me one of the world's 100 most influential people on the web.

I mention all this to give you confidence, but I'm not foolish enough to believe my own press clippings.  I do know that if someone as respected as Danny Sullivan wants to call me the "World's authority on linking", I must have a clue or two.

Let me help you... 

I'll use my own proprietary analysis/tools to examine the inbound links to your site and competitor sites. I'll create and deliver to you a linking strategy developed for your site. I'll spend 2 hours on the phone with you, discussing the findings and teaching you how to implement them. 

That's 90 minutes by phone plus a linking strategy you can take action on immediately.

My $2,500 Linking Strategy Session will at a minimum include...

  • Proprietary Linking Analytics with Citation Link Analysis - I'll perform a set of linking analytics using my proprietary tools.   This will include your site as well as others within your industry niche. From the resulting data I'll create a database of linking target sites and show you how to evaluate them for greatest impact as you pursue links
  • High Value Target Site Identification - I'll explain how you can identify the highest quality link targets that are trusted and editorially credible, so you don't waste time seeking links from sites with little if any value
  • I'll create and deliver to you a written linking strategy report developed specifically for your site.  In it I Identify weakness and opportunity in your current linking strategy, including tips for link seeking from traditional link target venues as well as from social media, blogs, niche venues and other vertical venues.  Advice is also provided on strategic topics such as anchor text fallacies, holistic linking, online publicity, buying links, and maximizing on-site and off-site link architecture.
  • Perhaps just as important, I'll keep you from wasting money on linking tactics and services that will not work for you.
  • Any linking topics you don't see above that you'd like me to cover, like link removal, disavow, etc.
  • Why I'm different...

    I believe in my expertise, methodology and approach strongly enough that if after we are through you don't think it was worth it, I'll send the $2,500 back.

    If you'd like some contact with me before deciding, that's fine. Please use my contact page to reach me. 

    If you're ready to begin, click either button below to pay via your choice of Google Checkout or PayPal. When I receive your request I'll email you to set a time for our first call.

    If you prefer a regular invoice, that's fine.  Note that the session will not be scheduled until I receive the payment, which is why PayPal and Google Checkout are the fastest option.

    Natural Link Building Strategy Sessions with Private Link Analytics/Audits - Payment Options

    1). You can initiate the $2,500 Linking Strategy Session now via the PayPal button below.

    2). I can send you an invoice and we can meet once your check arrives. Request an invoice via email.
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    Strategy Session Testimonials

    “ You helped me see things I hadn't seen before, and I've been at this a long time. I love the perspective and concrete examples you gave me, and the recording of the sessions so I could watch them again was a nice touch.  - K.T.

    “ I've been doing ecommerce for 10 years and this was the best investment I ever made. Your willingness to go over the link request letter and your offer of being available on skype is well above what anyone can reasonably expect. This was far above what I was expecting or ever got from anyone else.  - J. M.

    “ Eric - Thank for our call last week. Your analysis and thought process on link building exceeded my expectations, and it was by far the best money I have spent on the Internet in 11 years.

    “ Thanks for your honesty. Without the session I would have wasted months of time on linking strategies that  wouldn't  have worked.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Eric's linking strategy session is BY FAR the best money we've invested in our website.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “I just wanted to say thank you. I found then call/session really useful and I was extremely impressed by your excellent knowledge and passion. I found it a really refreshing change from the hype given by so called gurus. I know that I had done lots of what you were saying, but this was only from learning from your documents online.I was so happy that I had read you correctly, and that your call confirmed it”
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Your in-depth report, was in itself, more than worth the price of admission. We thought we knew a lot about linking, but your insights proved that we did not and I now know why Danny Sullivan recommended you to us above anyone else. And thank you for spending extra time with us. That was very much appreciated”
    —Choice Hotels International

    “ Eric, you earned your fee during our first 30 minute phone conversation.  Your insight and guidance on how and why to obtain the specific target IBLs you do is extraordinary.  Thanks for getting me on the right track.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Eric Ward offered incredibly effective advice and services that were instrumental in making our site the leader in our niche. He is the most effective link-builder on the planet. I'd recommend him strongly to anyone who has an important story to tell online.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ We followed the strategy you created for our site and we were skeptical,  but the bottom line for me is we now rank first at all the engines for our most important search terms, and the ranking has not decreased over the course of several engine updates.  Your link building strategy and services are the only things we have done, so it's pretty obvious you know what the hell you are doing.  My one complaint? Answer your phone more often.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ I cannot put a price on the information and advice Eric provides.  He made me realize that all the information that we need to perform a successful linking campaign that would generate great rankings.  It's all about looking in the right places and recognizing  how to spot high value links.  Thanks again Eric you have really opened my eyes.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Having all this information at once,  presented personally by one of the leading experts in the world, with the ability for me to ask questions and get immediate answers, was very gratifying, and a great value. I highly recommend Eric Wards service.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Eric, you should be charging more than you are. I have benefited tremendously from our sessions, particularly in terms of long term linking strategies and the ideas you have given us.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Eric is the busiest link consultant in the industry and for good reason.  Once you hook up with him, he is well worth the wait!
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ Thank you for your honest advice and thoughtful recommendations.  I will not hesitate to recommend your Linking Strategy Session to others.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ An extremely informative and helpful session.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ I have many years of online marketing experience and wasn't sure if I would benefit from your strategy session. I did. The session was extremely helpful, the Link Audit was a real eye-opener and I recommend this session for anyone, beginner to expert.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ You've helped me SO much w/raising the standard of my link building process.
    — Name/site available upon request

    “ I cannot put a price on the information and advice Eric provides.  He made me realize that all the information that we need to perform a successful linking campaign that would generate great rankings.  It's all about looking in the right places and recognizing  how to spot high value links.  Thanks again Eric you have really opened my eyes.
    — Name/site available upon request

    Media/Industry Comments

    Ward has been the Svengali behind the scenes of some of the Web's best known launches, from to

    Those who want the job done right by the best in the business flock to EricWard and count themselves lucky 
    that the maestro isn't booked into the next millennium”
    — Jim Sterne, Inc. magazine 

    Eric is the world's authority on linking strategies
    —Dr. Ralph Wilson, Web Marketing Today

    Eric Ward may well be the foremost expert on promoting Web site launches and Web events
    — Interactive PR News

    The impact of Eric Ward's approach is optimal
    — NetGuide Magazine