Updated 1/2016

Search for answers to link building and linking strategy questions from hand picked URLs/sources. Curated by Eric Ward.


What Is the Link Building Question and Answer Search Engine?
A search engine that only indexes content from sites that help answer link building related questions. You ask it a linking related question, such as “What are the best link prospecting tools?” and the results will come from human-selected (me) content from around the web.

What is the criteria for inclusion of URLs?
The sites are curated/selected by Eric Ward, based on their overall credibility and potential to help the searcher. I may not agree with every answer, however I include sites from a variety of sources so as to provide the searcher with a good overall perspective to whatever question they ask. There is no charge for inclusion.

How are new URLs added to the search engine?
I look for new URLs every week. If you have a linking related Q/A page or blog post please send the URL for consideration to me via twitter to @ericward. If I feel it will add to the quality of the search results I will include it.

What sites/URLs are currently included in the Link Building Question and Answer Search Engine?
I keep the list private.

Why do this?
I’m a glutton for punishment

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