“The most effective linking strategies are those that enable you to succeed regardless of your search rank”

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Feeling Anxious About Google’s Ongoing Updates?

Long time linking strategy experts Eric Ward and Ken McGaffin present a private link building course to help you succeed in the new world of Penguins, Pandas, Hummingbirds, and beyond.

Eric and Ken are both respected linking strategists and consultants, and their “Linking Strategies and Content Promotion” video course is designed to cut through the mass of incorrect information and give you accurate, actionable linking tactics, techniques and linking strategies. Strategies that will help you overcome changing search engine algorithms, and at the same time teach you methods for creating new traffic streams so you are less reliant on search engines for traffic.

This timely series features 11 on-demand videos that explore the key linking strategies that help you maximize traffic from both search and non-search sources.  The course also features:

    • Worksheets to help reinforce what you’ve learned
    • Video transcripts you can refer back to as needed
    • Links to comprehensive support resources
    • Unlimited email support from Ken McGaffin

In Addition…

You’ll also get access to a live monthly webinar with Eric and Ken where:

    • We’ll explore at least one hot, current topic from the world of link building and give you clear, actionable advice
    • We’ll share the best articles we’ve found during the month
    • We’ll review the very best of Eric’s LinkMoses Private Newsletter
    • And you can pitch questions in advance – and we guarantee every question will be answered

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These days, relying on Google as your main source of traffic could cost you your business. Trying to optimize your web content for the search engines can feel like throwing darts at a moving target. In February 2011, Google quietly dropped a bomb on the online marketing world in the form of a major algorithmic update called “Panda.” This change dealt an epic blow to sites with low quality and duplicate content as well as heavy advertising. With Panda, thousands of website owners watched in dismay as their rankings plummeted.

And Google didn’t stop there. It released several more iterations of Panda in the months to come followed by Penguin in April 2012, which penalized sites using “un-natural” link building techniques. Google then introduced Hummingbird, its search algorithm that aims to improve the accuracy and relevancy of its query results.

The only constant at Google these days is change. Using a highly complex algorithm with over 200 factors, the search engine giant is on a mission to eliminate poor sites and poor content from its search results – and reward sites that provide useful information and content and actively engage with the social communities around their products and customers.

The most effective linking strategies are those that help you succeed regardless of your search rank. Unfortunately, too many marketers put all their eggs in Google’s organic search basket, hoping to rank #1. Now more than ever you must learn how to develop relationships, links, and traffic streams that do not rely on Google’s algorithms. Google is important, yes, but you must create an online presence that allows you to succeed no matter what fluctuations happen in the organic results.

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The course is delivered 100% online, there’s no driving, no calendar commitments, no hassles. All videos and supporting materials are available to you on-demand, 24/7. That means you can brush up on your Google-friendly link building skills anytime, anywhere—whether you’re at home, at work, or on the move.

You’ll also get unlimited email support from Ken – a benefit worth many, many times the price of this course. He’ll be on hand to answer your questions and offer seasoned advice. Where else can you get unrestricted access to a link-building pro?

And as if all of this weren’t enough, all the videos PLUS the email support from Ken will be available for a full 12 months after purchase. This will help you put what you’ve learned into motion—and start generating phenomenal results from your linking efforts!

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