At this point in my online career, having worked with a couple thousand web sites, it seems like overkill to list client testimonials. By now you know I handled the original promotion of, on a dial-up modem from my kitchen table. Since then have been involved in hundreds of online publicity projects and campaigns, for everyone from to to to, plus hundreds of small sites that aren’t as famous as the above but are famous within their niche, where they need to be.  To be candid, not all my projects were as successful as I wanted them to be.  Nobody’s perfect and life goes on. In lieu of a full client list, below are a few testimonials that capture what it is I do.

I originally hired Eric Ward to help me increase the traffic for a high end gourmet food product and content site back in 2005. We used his target site analysis to try and acquire qualified links and were blown away by the results. Our site is a Google powerhouse and ranks in the top 10 for over 300 different search terms including some ultra-competitive terms. Since then, I have hired Eric to help me with 2 additional sites and one of them is already seeing results in a highly competitive category. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and put some effort, Eric’s approach and services will help you avoid wasting your time. I highly recommend his service and will surely use it again in the future
—Bill M.

For over ten years, when we’ve needed our sites announced to the right people  and linked by the right places, Eric Ward is who we call

Eric offered incredibly effective advice and services that were instrumental in making the leading Latin American art magazine. He is the most effective link-builder on the planet. I’d recommend him strongly to anyone who has an important story to tell online”
—Mike Freedman,

This weekend AOL featured AMA Physician Select as Best of the Web and visits are going through the roof. My boss, the CIO, is very happy and, needless to say, so am I! We definitely want to discuss other awareness building activities and continue to work with you because you get results. Thanks a million
— American Medical Association

Eric, traffic on the Dole 5-A-Day site zoomed after your work, and the ancillary press coverage was fantastic
—  BIG Inc. | Dole 5 A Day

Thanks for your analysis of our link opportunities for our main site and related sub-brands. Your in-depth report, was in itself, more than worth the price of admission. I have to admit, we thought we knew a lot about ‘linking’, but your insights proved that we did not and I now know why Danny Sullivan recommended you to us above all the rest of the ‘linking’ experts out there. And thank you for spending extra time with us. That was very much appreciated

Thanks for the great work on our launch, Eric. Your efforts and report were excellent”
— Jeff Bezos,

A few quotes from industry folks

Eric follows the right link building approach. He’s interested in links that are given based on merit, and those are the links that stand the test of time ”
—Matt Cutts, Google

One of the web’s original link builders, Eric prides himself on working with only the best content – if   your content is top notch and serves a greater cause than simply business, Eric is a promotion and link  building guru with contacts that would make the New York Times envious ”
—Rand Fishkinseomoz

Eric Ward is THE authority on links ” 
—Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand

Eric is the wise owl of link building. Seek his advice
—Disa Johnson, Search Return