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Established in 1994, I create content marketing, promotion, publicity and linking strategies. I publish the content strategies newsletter LinkMoses Private. I also offer consulting, training, linking analysis and evaluation, linking blueprints, and outreach services

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322 Linking Strategy Columns, Blog Posts, Webcasts, Videos and Presentations by Content Linking Strategist Eric Ward

I've written about and presented content linking strategies since 1994, for venues including Ad Age Magazine, SearchEngineLand, ClickZ, SearchEngineWatch, Web Marketing Today, MarketingProfs, Webmaster Radio, and others. Below are links to as many as I could find.  Those located off the EricWard.com site will be indicated in parenthesis.  These are all public. For my private posts and linking opportunities, subscribe to LinkMoses Private

Most recently added
Interviews (audio video or text)
Presentations from previous speaking engagements
Webinars and Videos still available
Link Building Best Practices Blog (currently on hiatus)

Most recently added...

- 2015 Link Builder Survey: The Deal with Google & Link Building (topdraw -Mar 2015)
- 4 Techniques for Earning Links to Your Site (Entrepreneur.com-Mar 2015)
- Defamatory Threats To Have Chilling Effect On Link Builders? (SEL-Jan 2015)

- Yahoo Says Goodbye, ZEEF Says Hello (SEL-Oct 2014)
- E-Commerce Link Building — The Challenge That Won’t Go Away (SEL-Sep 2014)
- Changing Existing Links: Perfectly Normal — Except When It Isn’t (SEL-July 2014)
- Link Building Tools from the Experts (RYP marketing -July 2014)
- Why “Linksville” Is a Ghost Town: Link Building Is Moving In House (SEL-June 2014)
- Linkarati - The Backlink Show Breakdown: Featuring Eric Ward (audio) (June 2014)

- Food For Thought About Link Building: Some Tasty Tidbits (May 2014)
- The Link Building Q/A Search Engine has Launched (March 2014)
- When The Best Move Is To Kill The Site (SEL-2/2014)
- 11 Reasons Link Building Is A Futile Waste Of Time — And One Big Reason It Isn’t
- How SEO Greed Can Ruin A Perfectly Good Linking Strategy (SEL-12/2013)
- Link Building Post-Panda: The Secrets to Getting and Keeping Google Traffic

- Is Negative SEO a Fairly Easy Practice? (SEW-11/2013)
- Link Building At The Speed Of Natural (SEL-11/2013)
- Wherefore Art Thou Hummingbird? (on EricWard.com-11/2013)
- Keyword secrets to Link Building after Hummingbird, Penguin ? Panda (Wordtracker)

- 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors (MOZ)
- Will Disavowing a Competitor's Links Hurt Their Search Rankings? (SEW-10/2013)
- An Introduction To LinkMoses Private (Video: 3:00)
- Expert Link Building Strategies and SEO (Video: 10:00 with Viral Heat)

- Will Google Punish Guest Posting Strategy Due to Unnatural Link Patterns?(SEW-10/13)
- How Will Google Hummingbird Impact Links? Here Are 6 Ways(SEL-10/13)
- Changing Course In The New Linking World(SEW-9/13)
- Is Google Putting Less Emphasis on Links as Part of Their Algorithm?(SEW-9/13)
- What Are Some Post-Google Penguin, Budget-Friendly Link Ideas?(SEW-9/13)

- How Long Should You Wait Before Submitting a Reconsideration Request?(SEW-8/13)
- Understanding Google’s Latest Assault On Unnatural Links(SEL-August2013)
- Why is My Health Care Competitor Outranking Me? (SEW-August 2013)
- 9 Experts and a Summary - What makes an ideal SEO employee?(Moz-July 2013)
- Link Building with the Experts – 2013 Edition(SugarRae-July 2013)
- Linking Strategies Q/A With Eric Ward (Google Hangout 1:48)

- 9 Netiquette Reminders For Today’s Link Builders(SEL-June 2013)
- Ken McGaffin and Eric Ward - What Is An Earned Link?(LinkingMatters-May 2013)
- Where Have All The Linkers Gone?(SEL-May 2013)
- Link Building Book Available Now: Ultimate Guide to Link Building
- The Link Shrink Is In: Is Starting Over The Best Option? (SEL - Feb 2013)
- Where Link Building is Heading in 2013  (SEW - January 2013)

- The Link Shrink Is In: 3 Crazy Linking Assumptions (SEL-Jan 2013)
- Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013 (SEL-Dec 2012)
- The Competitive Linking Analysis Trap (SELand - Dec 2012)
- The Big Change’ That's Reshaping Modern Link Building  (SEWatch - December, 2012)
- Link Building Scam Alert: When Links Are Held Hostage (SELand - Nov 2012)

- A Cure For the C.O.L.D. (Casualty of Linking Distraction)   (SEWatch - October, 2012)
- What 65 Google Changes May Mean For Your Link Strategies (SELand - Oct 2012)
- Nick Stamoulis Interviews Link Building Expert Eric Ward (BrickMarketing)
By @NickStamoulis of Brick Marketing
- A Trusted Link? There Is No Such Thing (SEWatch - Sep 2012)
- Must-Have Browser Tools For Link Builders (SELand- Sep 2012)

- Non-Content Based Link Oportunities Are Often Missed (SEW - August 2012)
- The Unbearable Torture Of Linking (SearchEngineLand- Aug 2012)
- Is Your Link Profile Plausibly Deniable? (SEW - June 2012)
- Five Questions A Good Link Builder Should Be Able To Answer (SEW - May 2012)
- 25 Link-Building Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website (CIO Magazine - May 2012)
- Inbound Link Optimization: Interview with Guru Eric Ward
April 2012 - Interviewed by @Larry Chase of WDFM. Editing by Janet Roberts

- The Unintended Consequences Of Link Removal (SearchEngineLand- July 2012)
- Can There Really Be 85 Types Of Unnatural Links? (SearchEngineLand - May 2012)
- 7 Ways Links Cause Search Rank Changes (SearchEngineWatch - May 2012)
- Signs Of Linking Over-Optimization (SearchEngineLand - April 2012)
- Dark Side of the Links: It’s All Fun ? Games ‘Til Google Catches On (SEW)

- 4 Reasons The Social Link Graph Will Have To Improve (SearchEngineLand)
- Non-Google Link Strategy: An Example of Stealth Link Marketing (SEW)
- Understanding Ranking Lag Time For New Links (SearchEngineLand)
- Link for People, Not Search Engines (SearchEngineWatch)
- Linking Strategies For Google Plus Your World (SearchEngineLand)

- Eric Ward’s Link-Building Strategies for 2012 (Pole Position Marketing)
- A Few Link Building Predictions For 2012 (SearchEngineLand)
- Eric Ward Answers 10 Questions on BizDev Link Building (at SearchEngineWatch)
- Random Link Spikes ? The Events That Create Them (at SearchEngineLand)
- Link Building Basics

- Social Media Link Building (Powerpoint - SES Chicago presentation) 
- Eric Ward Interviewed by Ogilvy Public Relations by Brian Camen (at Ogilvy PR)
- How Not To Link To Us (at SearchEngineLand)
- A Holiday ? Seasonal Event-Driven Link Building Primer (at SearchEngineLand)
- Linking Strategies for a Post Google Panda Web (AUDIO at Webmaster Radio)

- Linking Oddities That Ripley Would Like (at SearchEngineLand)
- A Google Plus Primer On Links ? Rank (at SearchEngineLand)
- How To Help Clients Understand Social Link Outcomes (at SearchEngineLand)
- Debunking the Myths of Link Spam Detection  (AUDIO at SearchMarketingNow)
- 3 Common Link Building Questions Answered By 4 Expert (at SearchEngineLand)

- Key Problems With Current Social Link Graph Signals (at SearchEngineLand)
- Contrarian Perspectives On Link Building (at SearchEngineLand)
- Can Likes, Pluses ? Tweets Cleanse The Link Graph? (at SearchEngineLand)
- Fundamentals of Link Building - Part 1 (video - 9:35 Trying to locate)
- The Farmer Panda Impact Nobody Is Talking About (at SearchEngineLand)

- Why The Web Needs Content Farms (Trying to locate)
- The Art and Science of Link Spam Detection (Trying to locate)
- Two Simple Productivity Tools Speed Link Building (at SearchEngineLand)
- Link Curation - Man vs Machine (at SearchEngineLand)
- Google’s Place Page Update and Local Link Building (at SearchEngineLand)

- How To Help Clients Through Link Building Confusion (at SearchEngineLand)
- How To Use Google Instant As A Powerful Link Building X-Ray
- Live Link Building Webcast
- Link Building Software
- 5 Things Google’s Latest Patent Tells Me About Links (at SearchEngineLand.com)

- How Do We Help Google Fight Webspam? (Trying to locate)
- LinkMoses Linking Commandments

Presentations Still Available From Previous Speaking Engagements
- Link Building Fundamentals
- Social Media Link Building - .ppt - SES Chicago, 2011
- Link Building Basics - SES Chicago, 2011
- SEO and Link Building (Nonprofits Online '98, Arlington, Va 1998)

Previously from my Link Building Best Practices Blog 
(currently on hiatus)
- Migrating from Blogger to WordPress
- Bye Bye Blogger
- Link Building for Personalized Search
- The Curly Theory of Link Building
- A Peek At Google's Future
- Who Controls Link Building Success
- Why Reciprocal Links Will Always Be Viable
- When Cheaters Win
- What If Everything You Know About Link Building Is Wrong?
- Riding The Twitter Link Waves
- Helping Clients See The Bigger Linking Picture
- Why Reciprocal Links Will Always Be Viable
- Up Close Look at Eric Ward's Link Building Desktop
- Best Practices for Feeling Sorry for Yourself
- Revenge of the Librarians - Don't Hate me for Being Right
- How Twitter Can Impact Link Building
- Announcing Link Insight
- Paid Links from .edu's - Good, Bad or Ugly?
- Best Practices for Flickr Link Building
- Backlink Research Best Practices
- LinkWeek - Rules Of Linking Engagement As The Web Turns Twenty
- Joe The Plumber and Link Building Best Practices
- Outlinking Best Practices
- The Great Link Race Has Begun, But To Where?
- Why Link Building Must Go In-House
- Link Building Podcast and Transcript with Eric Ward
- Helping Clients See The Bigger Linking Picture
- After The Basics - Now What?
- Social Media Links - Spam 2.0?
- Where Trust Lives - An Example
- Why Reciprocal Links Will Always Be Viable
- Yahoo Directory Paid Link Best Practices
-What are the best practices for submitting to directories?
- Anchor Text Best Practices - Update 8-24-09
- What is the meaning of life, and link building?
- LBBP - The Weekly Delete
- LBBP - The Weekly Delete - Avis Edition
- How do I determine good link targets?
- Admitting You Have a Social Network Linking Addiction
- LinkMoses Resurrected - Thirty Link Building Rants and Commandments
- Picking The Right Shovel
- Interview with my Alma Mater about my Link Building Career

Additional Articles Available on EricWard.com
- LinkMoses Linking Commandments
- Over 125 Legitimate Link Building Strategies
- A Linking Campaign Primer
- Blog Tag and Five Things You Don’t Know About Eric Ward aka Link Moses
- Yahoo Daily Wire Says Goodbye - LinkMoses says Thank You
- LinkMoses On The New Google Link Analysis Tools
- What My Four-Year-Old And a Bicycle Has to do With Link Building
- Social Media Optimization - 3 Rules for What Not to Do
- Artificial Linking and Search Rankings
- Social Link Spam and Cigarette Butts
- Google's New Custom Search Engine Service and Links
- The DMOZ Ship Has Sailed
- .edu Link Fallacies Explained
- Link Penalty Anxiety?
- Where Is The Mother of All Links?
- Link Bait Kool-Aid?
- Is White Hat Link Building a Myth?
- Are You A Link Whore?
- For the love of God please stop the sending me link request emails like this one
- How does Google collect and rank results?
- The Case for Topically Irrelevant High Pagerank Backlinks
- Linking's Holy Grail: The Passively-Obtained Backlink
- Looking for Links In All The Wrong Places
- The Yahoo Link That Can Make You A Star
- Link Popularity and the Myth of the Guestbook Link
- What Makes a Web Site Link-Worthy?
- Build A Free Link Clipping Alert Service (Parts I ? 2)
- Linking Legalities. What You Need to Know
- A Technique For Selecting Sites For Link Requests
- Potpourri of Linking Facts and Fiction
- Linkability - Why Do Some Sites Have It While Others Don't?
- Under the Radar: Tracking Online Media Coverage Is Hit Or Miss, But Mostly Miss
- Using Google to Identify High Quality Link Targets
- Automated Link Generators - Not Worth The Trouble
- Linking Mistakes To Avoid, Part 1 - Link Optimization and Short URLs
- Linking Mistakes To Avoid, Part 2 - Removing Orphaned URLs
- How to Make The Most Out Of Emailed Press Releases
- Taking The Plunge in the Pay-Per-Click Link Pool
- Now Is The Time For A Portal Link Audit
- A Linking Campaign Primer - by Eric Ward
- Spotting Unnatural Linking Patterns
- Five Things I Hate About Linking
- Aggressively Seeking Links: How Much Is Too Much?
- Link Building's Cult Of Reciprocity
- LinkAnalysis Beyond Search Rank - by Eric Ward
- Portrait Of The Perfect Link Builder
- Social Link Manipulation
- LinkMoses Link Building Tip of the Week - Links by Association
- Teeny Weenie Bikini Linkbait
- Ten Things to Ask Before Hiring A Company to Promote Your Web Site
Articles by Eric Ward Written for other Publications

Written for SearchEngineLand.com
- 8 Ways Backlink Analysis Can Offer Competitive Intelligence
- Reader Q ? A: How Link Signals Can Be Misunderstood
- 5 Things Google’s Latest Patent Tells Me About Links
- Why Logic Rules As A Link Builders Greatest Asset
- Link Building ROI: Measure With Caution
- Link Building’s Glass Ceiling
- Are Specialists The Future Of Link Building?
- Link Building vs. Link Marketing: What’s The Difference?
- Linking Food For Thought
- How To Take Control Of Your Link Building In 2010
- Rise Of The Web Librarian: An Elegant DMOZ Solution
- Recovering From Link Building Mistakes
- Elephants In The Link Building Living Room
- My Favorite Link Building Lie
- Betting On The Link Building Boondoggle Bonanza
- When Your Link Portfolio Is Devalued
- Are You Link Building Or Just Keeping Up With The Joneses?
- Understanding Federated Link Building: A Primer With Examples
- How A Twitter Reputation Algorithm Needs To Work
- Are Shortened URL Links Worth The Trouble?
- Twitter: Incredibly Valuable Or Utterly Useless As A Link Building Tool?
- Rules Of Linking Engagement As The Web Turns Twenty
- Why Link Building Must Go In-House
- Sustainable Link Equity
- Who Owns Link Building?
- When Link Rehabilitation Is A Viable Option
- Link Week Loose Ends
- Now Is The Winter of Linking’s Discontent
- When Google Goes Temporarily Insane
- Is This Link Building RFP A No-Win?
- Beyond Link Building Tools
- The Great Link Race Has Begun, But To Where?
- Linked, Tagged, Tweeted, and Feeded – Three Real Time Link Trackers
- Link Building for Big Old Sites
- Moving Away from SEO Link Building
- What If It Isn’t Linkworthy?
- Link Development Realities Versus What We Tell Our Clients
- The Link Building Kiss Of Death
- Trust The Linkers, Not The Links
- An Embarrassment Of Dead Link Riches
- The Art Of Opportunistic Linking
- Your Site’s Manifest Linking Destiny
- Defining Link Building Best Practices
- Life, Death, and Links
- How Social Media Becomes Link Fertilizer
- LinkSpotting – Headlines That Lead To Links and Why
- When Linking Experts Go Underground
- No Recession For Link Building
- Don’t Blame Google For Your Own Linking Failures
- Introduction To Trusted Source Link Streams
- When Links Are Dead But Not Forgotten
- How To Maximize Your Exposure In Google
- Why After 14 Years I Still Love Link Building
- Addicted to Link Research?

Written for ClickZ.com
- Make Friends With Competing Search Engine Links
- Holistic Link Potential: Beyond the Home Page
- Easy Linkin'
- Linking Stew
- Email Links: The Good, the Bad, and the Gibberish
- Linking 101: Back to Basics
- The Five Major Flaws of Link Popularity
- Portal Links: Where They Are and How to Get Them
- Resuscitating Dead Links
- A Link Too Far: Understanding Link Depth Origination
-What Your Link Request Should Contain and Why
- Link Popularity Is Not Your Only Linking Goal
- Building an Effective Linking Strategy

Written for SearchEngineWatch.com
- Search Engine Link Generators - Not Worth The Trouble
- Ten Things You Need to Know about Linking and Link Popularity
- Link Popularity and the Myth of the Guestbook Link
- How Search Engines Use Link Analysis
- The Link Building Conundrum
- 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

Written for MarketingProfs.com
- One Simple Link Building Tip That’s Often Overlooked
- Paid Me to Blog’: The End of the Blog as We Know It?
- Social Media Press Release Hell and Advice
- Link Opportunities, Courtesy of Google’s New Custom Search Engine Service
- Public Relations Social Link Invasion
- Can You Benefit from Reciprocal Links?
- Ego Link Search Tips
- Social Link Tic Tacs, Anyone?

Written for WebMarketing Today
- Artificial Linking and Search Rankings
- What Personalized Search Results Mean for Link Building
- The Pros and Cons of Buying Links
- How to Deploy Your Link Building Budget for Maximum Impact
- Will Reciprocal Links Get You in Trouble?

Written for Search Marketing Standard Magazine
- Degrees of Trust — What a Link Can Tell a Search Engine
- Linking Analysis – Making Sense of the Mess
- My SEO Firm Got Me Banned – Now What?
- The Link Is Dead: Long Live the Link
- Staying White Hat in a World of Gray
- Linking Tips From The Trenches
- Link By Link: Reconstructing The Past 15 Years
- Can New Custom Search Engines Help You?

Written for Ad Age Magazine (18)


Link Building Interviews with Eric Ward

- 2015 Link Builder Survey: The Deal with Google & Link Building (topdraw -Mar 2015)

- Link Building Tools from the Experts (RYP marketing -July 2014)

- Linkarati - The Backlink Show Breakdown: Featuring Eric Ward (audio) (June 2014)

- Nick Stamoulis Interviews Link Building Expert Eric Ward
September 2012 - One of the more open and candid interviews I've given. Interview by @NickStamoulis of Brick Marketing

- Inbound Link Optimization: Interview with Guru Eric Ward
April 2012 - Interviewed by @Larry Chase of WDFM. Editing by Janet Roberts

- Eric Ward Interviewed by Ogilvy Public Relations - 360 Digital Influence
November 2011 - Interview with Brian Camen about Social Media Linking and Promotion

- Interviews With Innovators: Eric Ward
January 2011 - Interview with Rocket Clicks’ Link Publicity Expert, Nick Schurk.

 Rae Hoffman's 5th Annual Group Interview. Keeping with the format from prior years, this interview is very unique for two reasons. The first being that the questions submitted are actually submitted by the interviewees (so you’re not only getting answers from some of the best, but on topics that other advanced link builders want to hear about. The second is that no one gets to see the answers of anyone else before the interview is published).


- The History of SEO Project - Eric Ward Interview
September 2010 - Interviewed by Mark Knowles  for History of SEO

- Link Building Tool Interview with Eric Ward
June 2010 - Text/Audio interview with Elise Redlin-Cook of Vertical Measures.

- WebmasterRadio's SEM Synergy - Eric Ward Discusses Link Building in 2010
January 2010 - Audio interview. SEM Synergy, hosted by Bruce Clay

- What if PageRank Never Existed? (Video)
October 2009 - Video interview with WebProNews' Mike McDonald at SMX East NY.

- Eric Ward Interview On Link Building Challenges
December 2008 - Interviewed by Eric Enge for Ramblings About SEO

- Eric Ward Reveals Link Building Secrets
November 2008 - Interviewed by Rachelle Money for WordTracker

- 5 experts demystify SEO link building
September 2008 - Group Interview by Michael Estrin for iMEDIA Connection

- 11 Experts on Link Development Speak Out
January 2008 - Group Interview with Rae Hoffman for SUGARRAE

- Social Media Marketing - Answers from the Experts
August 2007 - Interviewed by voltier.com

- Eric Ward about link strategies, tactics and content driven sites
March, 2007 - SEORockStars(AUDIO) Interviewed by Todd Friesen and Greg Boser (Listen to mp3 in new window

- Latest events affecting the world of link building (AUDIO) 
Sometime in 2007 - Interviewed by Eric Enge for Stone Temple
Transcript between Eric Enge and Eric Ward. Original audio mp3 is available here

- AMA Hot Topics: Interview with veteran link builder Eric Ward
March 23rd, 2007 by Stephan Spencer (AUDIO mp3

- The Insider link building video interview (VIDEO)
Sometime in 2007 - Interviewed by Mike McDonald of WebProNews

- Eric Ward on the Hyperlink Hot Seat
October, 2007 - 5 questions asked by Andy Hagans

by Rae Hoffman (The first of what's now an annual interview)
Rae asked a few of the more well known guys on links to do a kind of “group interview” on link development. Get ready to learn a bit about link development methods and theories from:

- Interview with Eric Ward of URLwire
Sometime in 2006 - Interviewed by Lee Odden for TopRank Online Marketing Blog

- Link Building Tips and Tactics  (AUDIO)
Sometime in 2005 - Interviewed by the Chris Pirillo Show at SES New York 

- How to (Really) Gain Link Popularity: 5 Mistakes and 3 Proven Tactics
Sometime in 2005 - Interviewed by Marketing Sherpa 

- Linking Strategies that Improve Traffic to Your Site
Sometime in 2004 - Interviewed br Dr. Ralph Wilson, Web Marketing Today

- Expert Interviews: Eric Ward
Sometime in 2004 - Interviewed br Promotion World

Webcasts and Videos still available

- Links, Link Building and Public Relations (ppt)
Webcast: Sometime in 2010 - for Digital Marketing Depot

- Eric Ward's Online Publicity and Link Building Webcast (audio)
Webcast: Sometime in 2006 - for Search Marketing Now

- Inside Secrets to Building Links for Online Publicity, Buzz and Search Engine Optimization, conducted by Eric Ward and Stephan Spencer at MarketingProfs

- Best Practices in Link Building (24:00)

- The Perry Marshall/Eric Ward Link Building Webinar (on iTunes)



- Building a Media Friendly Press Room

Written for Ad Age Magazine BtoB (Print, I have to scan them)


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Link Building video with Eric Ward and Mike McDonald of WebProNews discussing the impact of Pagerank on link building
At SMX East WebProNews' Mike McDonald and I discuss how link building has changed in the past ten years or so, and the implications for today's link builders.
Link Building Book: Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Backlinks, Authority and Credibility for Your Website, and Increase Click Traffic and Search Ranking 
Written by Eric Ward and Garrett French. Published by Entrepreneur Press

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Eric offered incredibly effective advice and services that were instrumental in making ArtNexus.com the leading Latin American art magazine. He is the most effective link-builder on the planet. I'd recommend him strongly to anyone who has an important story to tell online
—Mike Freedman, ArtNexus.com

Link Building Video

link building videoWebProNews "The Insider" link building video discussion with Eric Ward. In this video, WebProNews Managing Editor Mike McDonald connects with Eric via webcam to discuss the finer points of link building today, what constitutes good link bait, and creating a good balance of organic and other links.


Thanks for the great work on our launch, Eric. Your efforts and report were excellent
Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com

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