Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Announcing Link Insight Beta Program Invitation

Today I am proud to announce Link Insight and the Link Insight Beta Program, offered exclusively through search intelligence firm AdGooroo.

For many years I have wanted to find a way to take what I have learned over the course of 14+ years of link building and link marketing, and turn it into a diagnostic and strategic tool that can help web sites better understand links and the link building methodology I use. Link Insight will be that tool.

Here's a
summary of Link Insight's features and a quick screen grab below.

Many of you know AdGooroo as a highly respected provider of keyword, PPC, advertising, and natural search intelligence to search engine marketers. Their founder, Rich Stokes, and I collaborated to create Link Insight.

At the heart of Link Insight is a unique link scoring system that I've honed over many years. Link Insight can boil down hundreds of linking related signals and assign them to a few specific categories, greatly simplifying what can be an incredibly confusing amount of data.

Below is a snippet of copy from the Link Insight features page.

Forget learning dozens of useless statistics. We simplify the scoring process using a technique honed over 14 years of real-world experience!
  • Every backlink is assigned to one of four categories: TrustSignal, SpamSignal, CuratorSignal, and GeoSignal
  • TrustSignals identify authoritative backlinks which have an immediate impact on traffic and rankings
  • SpamSignals identify links which should be avoided
  • GeoSignals reflect the global distribution of your backlinks
  • CuratorSignals show how frequently a site is mentioned on social networking, bookmark, and resource sites
It took me 14+ years to know what I know about link building, and a large part of that knowledge is available now in the form of Link Insight. Please feel free to take it for a test drive via the Link Insight Beta Program.

There are many features available now, more to come, and I'll continue to provide my expertise to AdGooroo and Link Insight as we work together to adjust and fine tune it. The tuning and tweaking of the signal scoring metrics for example, is a nonstop process, and improves every day. That's what Beta's are for.

The goal is to make Link Insight as close to replicating my own private
methodology as it can be.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on what I've seen of it so far, I'd say you've hit a grand slam. The fact that you come from the "merit based" link building side of the street for that many years means I can trust what you tell me. That's what I care about. There are many ways to skin a cat, but I'll take yours anyday.

January 28, 2010 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Article Directory Script said...

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January 30, 2010 12:56 AM  

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