Some people hesitate to link back to a site that is of really high quality, out of worry that by adding a link they create a recip loop, which they think devalues that high value link in the process. I look at it another way. There are many reasons why you might link out to another site that’s linking to you. For example, what if my site at was mentioned in The New York Times, and they linked to me as well. I’d be insane if I did not include a blurb about this on my site, with a link back to it where readers on my site could go see it. When I do this, it is no different than any other reciprocal link loop, except that the two sites doing the linking are of highest quality in their respective niches. There is no reason to let any engine dictate high level linking like this.

Rule of Outlink #1 is…

Link freely and often, but first apply a degree of scrutiny similar to that used when selecting a new suit, engagement ring, or proctologist.

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    I agree whole-heartedly ! I also believe that linking out to related authority domains help establish topical authority and improves relevance of a domain to its targeted industry.

    As long as the link is to a quality and informative resource and I believe would be beneficial to my users..I don’t refrain from linking to it.