Life here is good again, and I’m taking new business in selected verticals. I’ll also be speakng at SMX East in New York, in October.


When I don’t manage my business well, I admit it. When I fail my clients, I admit it. And I also send them money back. And it hurts.

This past April, May, June, and July, were torture. The scheduling challenges posed as a result of assorted family emergencies really came home to roost. I take the blame. The idea that I could keep clients happy while going dark as I tended to family matters across the country was foolish.

I should have pulled down my site, or at least the paypal buttons, until I was ready for new business. The bottom line has two parts. Part One is I let too many client communiques slip through the cracks. Part Two is I refunded many clients for consulting calls that have not been able to happen at the speed and depth with which I’d hoped. So I’ve lost income and annoyed clients at the same time. Ouch.

Lesson after lesson after lesson learned the hard way. I have failed wide and deep for three months running.

But…I’m back and I’m not budging until I make it right. That’s how you do it. So come back. There’s a bonus in it for those who do.


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