If your site is listed in the Yahoo directory, and you didn’t pay for it or you got in back before they charged the review fee, then IMO you leave it alone. Make no changes and enjoy the free ride. I have two Yahoo directory links for two of my sites, both grandfathered because they are ancient. If I was asked by Yahoo to start paying for those two, I’d probably drop them both. On the other hand, there are instances where I do recommend paying the review fee. A new site in a very competitive topic may want to pay, because commercial sites already listed in the Yahoo Directory to can then also receive enhanced placement (for another fee) in certain commercial categories in the directory. Read more about the Yahoo Sponsored Listing options here. FYI, tried this program out a few years ago and in my case chose to stop after three months.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I have a site that is very image lead with hundreds of pictures of all the different rooms you would have in your home – what is the best way to let the engines become aware of all of these images so they start showing up in the listings – should I do things like set up my own flickr account to share the images?

  2. anonymous says

    You said the the last SMX conferenece that you never seek specific anchor text or key words when you are requesting links. Since anchor text is one of the most important factors affecting rank, this makes no sense. Please explain, and no offense, please don’t just say “it depends” again.

  3. Anonymous says

    What is the fastest way to improve search rank through link building without getting penalized???

  4. Greg says

    What are the right ways to include links in press releases, anchor text, number of, etc.