1. Anonymous says

    How to manage a cost – effective link building campaign? What are the most important aspects to have in mind, most in these difficult times, if you are spending money in a link building campaign, you want to know that the money you spent is worth it. Thanks.

  2. says

    I’ve taken a new site from 1 backlinks to 350 in five months of hard work. I’ve done the basics: submitted to niche and free mainstream directories, posted in forums, exchanged some links, and requested some links. What can I do next?

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi eric,

    Good stuff. But can you let us know what are some best practices of link building and some new ways of link building.


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    Simple question – as somebody who has an e-commerce site wanted higher rankings, what should I hire somebody to do on a daily basis to get more links?

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    I’d love to see another post, so that’s why I’ll drop a comment here?

    How about a Best Practices for contacting potential targets? I know it’s been done several times, but I’m sure you’re able to share some great insights 😉

  6. Anonymous says

    Hey Eric,

    Awesome stuff. I can’t seem to stop reading up on your opinions and practices for link building.

    What is your general time line for a follow up to secure a link an another site? What about if the site had the link, but went to a broken landing page, when should you follow up after initial contact to get that fixed?

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi I was doing link building distributing clients articles, we prepare on purpose, with no more 5 links in the document including resource box, but actually before 3 months I see google take them to the top but before a week google return them to the same position when we started, is a credible tactic distributing articles or I must have to return to directory and link interchange links tactics thanks

  8. Anonymous says

    Do you ever recommend the use of NOFOLLOW on links within your own site, to de-emphasize certain pages. I read about this on SEOMoz, and it seems counter-intuitive to me.

  9. Anonymous says

    Great new concept. I enjoy your work. My questions are:

    Do Digg and Stumbles help? Is good ole fashioned link trade emails back in vogue?

    Thanks for your time.

  10. Anonymous says

    Hi Eric

    Some of my sites are to “left” as you would say and would probably benefit from inclusion in directories. But which ones are worth it?

    Getting in dmoz is so hit and miss of course. Yahoo is no doubt sound (though expensive) but what others are worth it …botw, joeant ?

    Could you suggest others?

  11. Steve says

    What can we as business owners do to best leverage link building as a means of improving our search visibility?

    How can we sucessfully obtain links without soliciting for them?

    What can we do right now to improve our link building efforts in terms of improving search visibility?

    What signs do you look for to determine what a good link is?

    Would you suggest obtaining links to improve your position int he search results?

    what is the most accurate method of analyzing back links from competitors? Should I even bother?



  12. Anonymous says

    What are some of your best practices for submitting to directories? Since they have been devalued by Google, do you still use them?