First Post – April 2, 2008, by Eric Ward

To ask a link building related question, either use the POST A COMMENT link at the bottom of any post, or email it to Feel free to post as anonymous, and ask me anything you want about link building or content publicity. I moderate these questions so you wont have to read 8 million questions about how to rank first at Google for viagra.

I’ll take your questions and turn them into posts where I provide my opinion on what the best practice should be for that particular topic. I don’t pretend for one moment to believe that my best practices should be your best practices. I’m just using this avenue as a way to provide very specific advice and opinion developed over the course of building links for 1,000+ new and old sites from 1994 til today.

Empirical data is used infrequently to support my answers and opinions, and double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies were not conducted. I base my answers and best practice advice on what I see has worked (or not) for me.

I’m not doing this in place of my paid consulting and training, so if your question is about a specific web site or a sensitive subject that requires significant time and research for me to thoroughly answer, you might be better off trying my fee based service here.