By Eric Ward

 for SearchEngineLand’s LinkWeek
June 11, 2007

The term “Social Media” is used ad nauseum to describe an ever growing collection of tools and services by which people share content, links, opinions, experience and perspectives with each other. Keeping up with the latest Social Media services and sites can make you dizzy. Wikipedia now lists 21 different types of social media related platforms, and there are over 25 different social bookmarking services alone. There are even services to help satiate your multiple bookmark needs, and here’s a “Who’s Who in Social Search” outlining some of the various forms of social media and tools. Hat-tip to Chris Sherman for it.

You probably have an email from a client asking why their site isn’t on the Digg homepage, or why nobody is socially bookmarking them over at Reddit or Ma.gnolia. For the love of LinkMoses they haven’t even been StumbledUpon once! In response, you download some toolbars and bookmarklets, you open accounts at a few of those services and then you got busy seeding your client’s URLs far and wide. I’ll save the ethical discussion of whether it is appropriate to open social bookmarking accounts for purely marketing reasons, and for now see Social Link Spam and Cigarette Butts, which I wrote last year…read the full column at SearchEngineLand

Link well my friend

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